Saving exercise with pancreatitis

To test the strength of the gland is not recommended to anyone – when not considered with its interests, it reacts harshly. Experts claim absolutely not to overeat and do exercise on a full stomach. But special breathing exercises will help if You have signs of pancreatitis.

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"Devouring" itself

From the pancreas hundreds of enemies. It can become inflamed after injury of the abdomen, even if you hit him with a volleyball or a tennis ball, due to colds, flu and herpes, as well as on the background of appendicitis, gastritis, food allergies, overeating and poor eating habits with a predominance of fat and sweet. If you had a fight with a loved, quarreled with the chief, overtired, or are stressed, the chances of getting pancreatitis increases.

Per day pancreas produces nearly 800 g of pancreatic juice, with its enormous digestive ability. It includes components that break down fats (lipase), proteins (trypsin) and carbohydrates (amylase).

To guard against "self-digestion", the gland produces substances that suppress the activity of their own enzymes. Normally, they gain power, once in the intestine and mixed with food. If for any reason the enzymes aktiviziruyutsya prematurely, the gland is damaged.

On the mechanism of "self-digestion" help costs anatomy, in a position to pancreatitis. The fact that the ducts through which pancreatic juice and bile enter the duodenum, at the confluence merge into a single vial.

If the pressure increases (as happens while bending, sports training on a full stomach overeating), the bile is thrown into the pancreas, activates its enzymes and starts the process of self-destruction, leading to inflammatory and destructive syndrome.

On a knife edge

The main symptoms of acute pancreatitis painful girdle pain in the upper abdomen (epigastric pain), usually radiating to the back, nausea, vomiting, bloating, weakness. If you have any such symptoms – immediately call "fast».

Before the arrival of the doctor, avoid eating and drinking – they contribute to further irritation of the pancreas. Apply to the affected area a hot water bottle with cold water or an ice pack wrapped in a towel.

Do not take any medication before the arrival of doctors they "lubricate" the clinical presentation and difficult to diagnose. To reduce the pain, go to bed and relax your abdominal muscles.

Don't refuse hospital treatment even if you find that easier. Acute pancreatitis is a short period of imaginary well-being, after which the disease returned with a vengeance.

Chronic pancreatitis develops from an acute case of untimely treatment or immediately formed as an independent disease. When fever, which usually occurs after the holiday feasts, there is pain in the upper abdomen, more on the left, radiating to the back.

Lost appetite, nausea, vomiting, and profuse, thick, clay like stool. In this case, prescribe a treatment of various pancreatic enzymes and diet fat-free and reduced in carbohydrates.

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Diet after an attack

Within one month after the exacerbation of pancreatitis stick to a sparing diet, which reduces the load on pancreas:

  • exclude broth, fatty, spicy and sour dishes, sausage, sausage, sausage, offal, smoked meats, sauerkraut and other pickles, canned food, caviar, and fatty fish (sturgeon, sturgeon, halibut, mullet, catfish, carp);

  • under a ban must be nuts, mushrooms, legumes, brown bread, wheat, fresh pastries, cakes, caramel, ice cream, chewing gum, brew, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, citrus, carbonated drinks;

  • do not get carried away fresh fruits, which are usually force-feed the sick member of the family, caring relatives. Vitamins, of course, very necessary to recover the body, but a strong sokogonnym action raw vegetables (especially cabbage, radishes, turnips and rutabagas), greens (sorrel, spinach, lettuce) and fruits not good for the pancreas. 1-2 bananas or sweet ripe Apple without the peel will not harm health but sour fruit is contraindicated, recommended but baked apples, boiled, steamed vegetables.

Charging for the pancreas

Learn the techniques of soft massage of the body with special movements of the abdominal muscles and diaphragm. They will improve blood circulation in this area and the flow of digestive juices.

This is a great prevention of the pancreatitis and exacerbations. Do the exercises 2-3 times a day lying, sitting or standing. Start with 3-4 repetitions and gradually increase to 9 times. During exercises you should not experience fatigue and discomfort.

  • Inhale, exhale and hold your breath, gently, but hard enough pulling in his tummy, count to three and then relax your abdominal muscles.

  • Inhale, exhale and hold your breath. During the respiratory pause as much as possible inflate the abdomen, count to three and relax.

  • In the middle of breath hold your breath for 1-2 seconds (when the diaphragm contracts and flattens) and continue to breathe then, as if directing the air "in the stomach" and a slightly bulging abdominal wall. At the end of a breath stop, count to three, inflating the abdomen, then quickly relax your muscles and continue through to six, slowly retracting the abdominal wall. Exhale and relax your abdominal muscles.

  • Strongly pull your stomach on the exhale. Holding your breath for a few seconds, relax your abdominal muscles. Actively inflate the belly on the inhale and pull it again on the exhale.published 

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