Advice on nutrition in pancreatitis


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Pancreatitis – if during the examination you diagnosed, will have to urgently reconsider the power supply system. What can you eat with pancreatitis? What will have to give up?

Advice on nutrition

During the day it is recommended to eat 5-6 times (the interval between meals – 2-3 hours). Products can be boiled, steamed, baked (not fry). The priority mashed or chopped food. Contraindicated for all hot and cold. Norm of fat is limited to 80 g/day, intake of carbohydrates – 300-350 g (about 40 g of sugar). The amount of protein remains at the level of 100-120 g/day. During the day the patient is able to use about 10 g of salt. The norm of free fluid – 1.5 l

At the time of exacerbation of the disease need to refuse any food – during this period, you need to drink non-carbonated mineral water (nahorodny). The fasting is assigned 2-3 days.

Food ration

What can you eat with pancreatitis? The following is a list of recommended foods and beverages.

• Eggs (protein – up to 2 pieces per day and the yolk – 0.5 pieces per day)
• Loosely brewed tea with added sweetener, milk or lemon
• Natural fruit juices diluted with boiled water
• A decoction of rose hips
• Milk drinks
• Non-greasy, fresh, non-acidic calcined curd and cottage cheese puddings and pasta
• Milk (if tolerated)
• Pureed stewed fruit
• Mousses and jellies in the sugar substitute
• Crackers, dried or stale wheat bread
• Savoury biscuits
• And mucous pureed porridge on the water or in diluted milk, made from buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, semolina
• Cereal casseroles, puddings, soufflés (they can be prepared with the addition of cheese)
• Cooked pasta
• Boiled or steamed soft, lean meat without coarse pieces (veal, beef, rabbit, Turkey, chicken)
• Dishes based on minced meat (souffle, mashed potatoes, steam cutlets, quenelle)
• Lean fish, boiled or products from minced meat
• Vegetable soups with pureed squash, pumpkin, potatoes, carrots, vermicelli, well-cooked cereals
• Non-acidic, well-ripened berries and fruit (pureed)
• Baked apple
• Baked and boiled starchy vegetables in mashed form

With pancreatitis, the normal fat is subject to strict control. Sour cream can be added while cooking, but in a minimal amount (1 tsp per serving). Butter is also added to dishes (for the bread it is spread this may provoke an attack). Mix 1/3 tsp butter should be natural, without herbal supplements. Norma vegetable oil is also somewhat limited. Fat milk is supposed to dilute with water (1:1).

Products under the ban:
• Grape juice
• Carbonated beverages
• Cocoa
• Alcoholic beverage
• Fatty dairy products
• Cold drink
• Any recipe calling for whole eggs
• Coffee
• Flaky or butter cakes
• Rye and any fresh bread
• Fatty meats
• Sausages, smoked, canned food
• Fatty, salty, smoked fish
• Byproducts
• Barley, pearl barley, corn grits, millet
• Leguminous crop
• Soups prepared with fish, mushroom, meat broths
• Cold soups, borscht, cabbage soup, soup with whole milk
• Figs, bananas, grapes, dates
• Any spices
• Confectionery, ice cream, chocolate, jam
• Not wiped fruit and fresh vegetables
• Radish, cabbage, spinach, mushrooms, turnips, radishes, onions, eggplant, garlic, sorrel, sweet pepper
• Any fats, except butter and vegetable oil

Sample menu for pancreatitis

Throughout the day:
• Up to 20 g butter
• 200 grams of bread yesterday's baking or dried
About 30 g of sugar
• 8-10 g of salt

Sample menu:
• Breakfast: thin mashed potatoes, a terrine of boiled meat, weakly brewed tea
• Second Breakfast: steam protein omelet, slice of bread, milk
• Lunch: soup, steam fish, steam grated zucchini, a slice of bread, compote
• Snack: pudding
• Dinner: steam chicken, oatmeal, carrot puree, tea with milk



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