Treatment of pancreatic cancer folk remedies

In adulthood, inflammation of the pancreas – pancreatitis is found among many people. In the event of illness guilty failures of the digestive tract, excessive fatty and spicy food long-term drug therapy, poisoning and different kinds of intoxication. Disease at the beginning of the pathological process occurs as an acute, then chronic. During exacerbations there is a heaviness in the left hypochondrium, nausea, dyspepsia, flatulence, i.e. all the symptoms, which significantly affects overall health. Pancreatitis treatment starts with a visit to the doctor who prescribes the treatment regimen of different groups of drugs.

Together with drug therapy it is necessary to use traditional methods of treatment of inflammation of the pancreas, their course application will prevent the fabric body from the irritation will ease the symptoms and avoid exacerbations.

Principles of treatment of folk remedies

During use of folk remedies it is necessary to consider that improvement is achieved by compliance with all the principles of treatment.During the next exacerbation of the doctors advise to observe the following mode:

— When acute pain is necessary to exclude the meal for 2 - 3 days. This allows you to avoid further irritation of the tissues and cells of the body.
— In case of severe deterioration of health it is desirable to comply with bed rest.
— Severe pain, a sharp deterioration of health – a reason to immediately call the ambulance. Pancreatic tissue quickly undergo necrosis, due to which there is a infection of the abdominal cavity and developed peritonitis, requiring surgical intervention.
— To use folk remedies for the treatment of pancreatitis should only a professional after relief of the acute phase.

Selecting a popular method of treatment of the pancreas must be remembered that a significant relief is achieved after several courses of therapy, so to jump from one mode to another is not necessary. The best effect is achieved if, together with "grandmother's recipes" to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition.

Folk recipes for the treatment of pancreatic

In the acute phase the only desire of the patient is quick relief from the intense pain.That is why the plants are analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect:

— Analgesic effect in pancreatitis bladestore Japanese. To prepare the broth a spoonful of herbs poured into a thermos, pour a glass of boiled water for a few hours and drink in the form of heat in a small amount before eating or several times a day. The Sophora is not recommended to use more than ten days, then makes a break for a few weeks and repeat the treatment.

— Well removed irritation danaseverance berries and leaves of fresh or dried blueberries. The mixed beverage drink instead of tea.
— Inflammation of the organ decreases if politicisation immortelle. Dry grass in quantity of one spoon is brewed with 250 milliliters of boiled water, and divided into three doses per day. In immortelle, you can add an equal amount of chamomile flowers, with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action. The collection of immortelle and chamomile consumed within two weeks.

— Revitalizes the cells of the body, removes irritation and removes toxins from organizmalar oats. To it has brought undoubted benefits, it is necessary to learn how to cook. Clean the seeds of plants soaked and left to germinate in a warm place. Once you see sprouts, oats are washed, dried and milled into flour. The resulting mixture was diluted with cold water, brew with boiling water and leave to infuse for about half an hour. The resulting drink drink, not filtering. A day can be consumed up to two glasses.

-Treatment limnoecology gland reduces pain and relieves irritation. You need one medium lemon to boil in water for five minutes, then pressed fruit juice and mixed with raw egg yolk home eggs. Prepared mixture and drink on an empty stomach for the next three hours, refrain from eating. Use lemon five times in the first day, followed by 3 and 6, the following portion of the mixture is used on 12 and 24 day of treatment. Finished repeat the course in about six months.

— Cleanses the pancreas and the entire digestive tract in colagreco with yogurt. For the preparation of medicinal composition needed to grind a kilogram of dry buckwheat into flour. Every day before bed a tablespoon of buckwheat flour poured a mug of yogurt and left overnight for swelling. Morning mushy mass you need to eat on an empty stomach. The integrated use of buckwheat and kefir nourishes the body with micronutrients and simultaneously displays accumulated toxins, restoring the intestinal peristalsis.

— Stimulates the production of bile and pancreatic juice, causing normal functioning body, wormwood. To prepare the broth take a tablespoon spoon dry grass pour boiling water, keep on heat for about 5 minutes, to insist half an hour. To drink a decoction of wormwood have 20 minutes before eating 1 – 2 spoon.

— To develop the necessary enzymes pancreas omegaedit licorice. To prepare a medicinal infusion should take 5 grams dried and powdered roots of licorice, the same quantity of dry grass, thistles and dandelion. A mixture of plants pour boiling water, insist, strain and drink the infusion hot ½ Cup 3 — 4 times per day.

Treatment of folk remedies will bring invaluable benefits to the body, if the course of taking the herbs regularly. The absence of exacerbations of the inflammation of the body still does not mean that the disease had retreated, so treatment with herbs and other folk methods should be repeated.



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