The strangest mental disorders

The manifestations of mental disorders are always imprint of the socio-cultural environment in which a person was brought up, maybe that's why over time evolve and mental illness. Next 7 of the most bizarre mental disorders that occur in humans.

1. bibliolatry

Bibliolatry is one of the symptoms of obsessional neurosis, in which there are such as compulsive hand washing or compulsive neatness, the inability to leave the house without making certain rituals, such as turn on and turn off the lights. One of the most interesting obsessive-compulsive disorder is a pathological passion for collecting books, which become not to read, but just because there is an obsessive desire to own them. Victims bibliomania collected more books than they can read while buying multiple copies not only of the same book, but also a publishing house.

2. The foreign accent syndrome

Serious brain injuries have many effects, but one of the most bizarre of them is a foreign accent syndrome. This condition, also known as syndrome irregular repetitive speech, forcing the patient to speak with a foreign accent. This is a very rare disorder (60 cases from 1941 to 2009), and, unfortunately, it does not give free language skills, but only a shift of emphasis when speaking in their native language.

3. Munchausen Syndrome

Many of us do not like to hurt, and we try our best to keep healthy and not get to the hospital. However, people with Munchausen syndrome are doing their best to imitate or cause symptoms. Even the worst option is to delegate Munchausen syndrome - like condition, but instead of harming themselves, a person causes a painful condition of another person. The motives of such actions considered attempts to attract attention, sympathy and concern.

4. fregoli delusion

People have great opportunities to distinguish and recognize faces. However, when this capacity is disturbed, this can lead to strange effects. Fregoli delusion - is a disorder in which the patient believes that others are familiar to him a man who changes his appearance or any other way grimiruetsya. A man often feels paranoid, believing that he was being persecuted, and no wonder. After all, he is fully convinced that the other person deliberately pretending not who he really is, and pretends that he is not his or her know.

5. Lima syndrome

Lima syndrome - a situation in which terrorists might be so strong sympathy for the hostages, which released them. Lima syndrome is the exact opposite of Stockholm syndrome.

6. Capgras delusion

As is the case with Fregoli syndrome, patients with the syndrome Capgras problems with recognition of people. However, rather than assume that people are unfamiliar people they know, they are convinced that they know people have replaced the doubles, which, although similar, but an impostor. This condition often occurs in connection with diseases such as schizophrenia, dementia, brain injury and migraine. Interestingly, from this disorder often affects women.

7. Stendhal Syndrome

We often hear about how great art can cause emotions, including tears. However, the syndrome of Stendhal emotions arise totally different level. Faced with a work of art, especially beautiful, people with this disorder experience a number of physical and mental symptoms, including fainting, heart palpitations, dizziness and even hallucinations. Although the artist is going to be huge compliment to many it may seem unhealthy reaction.


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