17 good reasons not to own things

Happiness is inside you, inside things no happiness – check!


1. They occupy a vital spacefrom which we could withdraw and that we would not have to pay if we had less stuff and less house. And this place, by the way, is not cheap, considering the space of prices. And the prices on the heating/conditioning, service.

2. Thing requires care and money. The thing is, if it is an electronic device that needs electricity. All the time. It should contain: to turn on and off, cleaning, lubricating, take care not to break. This is an additional precious time, precious money. If it's metal or wood or glass, it is necessary to wipe. It can break and require repair. We need somewhere to store the warranty card and remember it (waste of mental energy). We may need a special tools, fixtures cleaning, accessories.

3. More stuff — more confusionand complexity and expenditure of time for cleaning and repair (more difficult to wipe dust and do a permutation).

4. Because of the things we spend a lot of time and trouble when you move and when travelling.

5. Often we pay extra money for keeping those things out of our house.

6. If we have children or animals, we have to worry that things are not broke, and swearing, if they are treated carefully enough.

7. If we are used to them, and they break, then we have to replace them because we think we need them.

8. If we have too many things, it inhibits us.

9. We get used to things, and it makes us worry when you have to throw them (not important, discard them in the end) or when we lose them.

10. If we have too many things, we live in a cluttered space, where is no room to do the necessary things.

11. We can stumble on them and hurt yourself.

12. But if we do not stumble, then we have to worry about how not to stumble next time.

13. If we bought the thing in debt or in credit, it once the problemsrelated to increased debt and repayment of the loan.

14. Things give us a false sense of security.

15. They reduce the amount of time that we spend on healthy things, instead of unrest, cleaning, maintenance, use, and making money on them.

16. At some point we have to think about how to get rid of themand spend the time and money.

17. If you die and leave things in the inheritance, then your relatives will have to deal with them. A headache for them.


Life will be much better when You stop to consider the unnecessary things, the Advice of wise elders: what not to say

Remember this when going to buy something — even for free. Nothing is for free, if you take into consideration all of the above. Are you ready to live the life of this thing and abandon your own? published


Author: Vladimir The Black Sea


Source: selfgrowth.ru/lifestyle/2012/02/17-prichin/


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