Start your day with celery: 5 easy recipes

The celery has a lot of fans, but many he, however, did not like. Anyway, celery is good not only in salads and vegetable soups, as some believe. It helps to lose weight, supplying you with the nutrients and allows you to be energetic throughout the day. Cast doubt and try our tonic recipes! Celery — a great start to your day.

Benefits of celery?

The stem and leaves, and celery root — all of them are used for cooking different dishes. One of the main properties of this plant is that celery is an excellent diuretic. The fact that it activates the kidneys, and it helps with such problems as gout, kidney stones and kidney failure. In addition, celery helps to flush toxins that accumulate in your body.

Finally, it is proved that celery tones and gives to those who eat, good health and lots of vitality. Well, if you mix it with carrots or tomatoes, for example, in juice or a smoothie, the celery will become more useful. And celery can be consumed in form of infusion — 10 grams of leaves per Cup of water. Drink this infusion after each meal.

Celery for weight loss

As we have said, celery is a great ally in the fight against obesity. So it should be in any diet focused on weight loss. The celery not only possesses all the above-described useful properties, but also reduces the risk of obesity. You can use it in different forms: in salads, in vegetable soups, in juices, in smoothies, cocktails and infusions.

It is proven that 100 grams of celery contain only 16 calories! This is just enough for a delicious salad. The celery contains 1.6 grams of fiber, which helps removes toxins from the body. Finally, the celery also supplies your body with magnesium and potassium — minerals that stimulate the urinary system and remove excess fluid.

Celery — product cleansing, diuretic, low in calories. This plant is an antioxidant containing vitamins A, B, C and D, and magnesium, can prevent the impact of harmful free radicals in your body. Don't underestimate the beneficial properties of celery!

5 recipes of juices, cocktails and smoothies with celery

The juice from the celery, pear, cucumber and carrots. This juice is best drunk in the summer. It is ideal to get rid of lumps and fluids accumulating in the legs (primarily of the ankles). You will need three stalks of celery, two turnips, two cucumber, and one carrot. If you want, you can add this juice any sweetener. Clean all the vegetables from the skin, cut into cubes and squeeze the juice. If it is too thick, add a little water. Drink in the morning, preferably before Breakfast.

The juice of celery, ginger and carrots. This delicious drink is especially good for those who suffer from flu or colds from constant allergies or hay fever. For this juice you need two stalks of celery, 5 carrots medium size 1 slice fresh ginger, peeled. You just need to peel the carrot and cut it into thin slices, then also cut the celery. Grind them together with ginger in a blender. In the end, you should obtain a creamy mass. You can add this drink of water and, if you like, a spoonful of honey.

A cocktail of celery and pineapple. Start your day with this wholesome and delicious drink: within a few hours you won't experience feelings of hunger, but you'll have plenty of energy to cope with daily tasks and obligations. You will need 1 celery stalk, half a Cup of water, 1 slice of peeled pineapple, half a Cup of crushed ice, 2 tablespoons of amaranth seeds and if you want, 4 tablespoons of protein powder. Seeds are best in advance to leave lay for the night. Cut the celery into thin slices. Mix all in a blender (except the protein), and prepare a homogenous cocktail. Drink it for Breakfast.

The juice from celery, carrots and Apple. This is one of the most famous combinations. This juice is useful to prepare the skin for sunbathing, slow the aging of cells, stimulate the liver, fight anemia, reduce harmful effects of environmental pollution and, finally, just to provide the body with vitamins and proteins. Two servings of this classic juice leaves: 1 stalk celery, without leaves, 1 Apple, 4 carrots and the juice of half a lemon. Wash your vegetables and peel them. Cut, slice and put in juicer. Mix fresh juice. If you want to dilute it before drinking.


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A smoothie made of celery and oranges. This drink is ideal for weight loss and drink it should be in the morning on an empty stomach. You will need 1 stalk of celery, and 2 orange. Squeeze the juice from the oranges and cut the celery into slices. Put all in mixer or blender and izmelchai until you get a smooth mass. This drink is recommended to drink daily for two weeks then take a break of 7 days and then repeat.published




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