Useful properties of celery

Celery – an amazing number of vitamins and minerals to the plant: all its parts – leaves, stems and roots – contains vitamin a, vitamin K and E, b vitamins, Niacin, amino acids, essential oils.

This green is used for the treatment and recovery of the nervous system, weakened by overwork, stress and nervous disorders. Useful properties of celery will be very useful for older people because it normalizes the overall metabolism and water-salt balance in the body, even since ancient times it was used as a natural mild diuretic, a positive effect on kidney, bladder ( used when kidney stones) and liver. Preparations of celery are wound healing and analgesic, anti-allergic (rash, urticaria). The benefits of celery are endless: the juice from it cleanses the blood and cures many skin diseases (especially effective is its combination with the juices of dandelion and nettles).

Celery root is a wonderful calming tool, effective analgesic medication, wound healing drug, anti-allergic folk remedy. Also, use it as an excellent remedy for gastrointestinal diseases. Medicinal properties of the root are distributed to combat urolithiasis, urticaria, diathesis. Generally, celery is best known as a tonic, purifying, anti-aging agent.

Useful properties of celery are used in low digestibility and promotion of food, greatly stimulate the bowels. Successfully used celery beauticians to create medicines, masks, scrubs. Especially grated celery root is suitable for the care of aging skin. Try using celery root in a mask, scrub.

Low calorie dishes of celery suitable for various diets, fasting days. Extremely rich in vitamin a will help to relive the days of the diet without any problems. It has long been observed that the consumption of celery is beneficial to human mental activity, allows you to keep your body in good physical shape.

A surprising fact is that the caloric content of celery is "negative", that is, when the consumption of this plant, the body requires more calories for digestion than it receives them. It is able to activate the production of gastric juice, thereby stimulating the appetite. But associated with this, and contraindications to the use of this vegetable culture. Do not get involved in them to those people who have acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

the consumption of this plant, the body requires more calories for digestion than

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