X-48C – ultra-efficient aircraft from NASA


The aircraft is one of the most expensive modes of transport, primarily due to the high cost of aviation fuel. But being developed in order to make air transport more economical. For example, the American space Agency (NASA) recently unveiled an aircraft X-48C, which spends during flights twice less fuel than the average plane.

While the German aerospace center is working on technology flight dynamic, which is expected by 2050 year, to fly between Europe and Australia in just 90 minutes, NASA is developing a much more, pardon the pun, down-to-earth solutions. For example, scientists are trying to lower the cost of flights. As example, the new aircraft X-48C, which has recently submitted to NASA. When flying the aircraft spends two times less fuel than conventional aircraft. Aircraft X-48C was established on the basis of its predecessor, X-48B, an American experimental unmanned aircraft, which until recently were considered to be examples of efficiency and economy.

When upgrading the engineers at NASA and Boeing changed the shape of the wing X-48B, reduced by 25 percent the weight of the aircraft, put in more efficient engine. Thanks to these changes, the X-48C spends much less fuel than its predecessor (approximately a quarter), but still produces less noise when flying. Program Manager of NASA, is responsible for developing the X-48C, said that, unfortunately, will only have eight to ten years before these innovations reach civilian aviation. Well and priority in their use will be given, of course, the Boeing Corporation, which is a long time partner of the American space Agency in the development of aircraft.

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