Ultrasonic humidifier with their hands

Many people believe that the acquisition of apartments for the humidifier is unfortunate and unnecessary thing. But it is not so. This device is not a luxury. The more that you can do ultrasonic humidifier with their own hands.

Very often moisturizers acquire because of the need to adjust the quality of the air in the rooms in which people live permanently. This need may be due to the emergence of diseases, the cause of which may be of poor quality, dry air, which makes it difficult to breath and have a negative impact on overall health. In addition, dry air can hurt not only people, but also a piece of furniture made of wood parquet, as well as plants and flowers.

For a child's room humidifier is simply an indispensable tool, as the lack of humidity is very harmful to children's body. The dry air damages the mucous membranes, and increases the possibility of occurrence of respiratory diseases.

Any kind of humidifiers for home and office needs no installation and is able to operate around the clock in an enclosed space, which office, apartment or office can be. Such devices are sufficiently quiet, so you can install them in the bedroom.

TYPES OF AIR humidifier
On your device, and the principle of operation can be divided into five main types of humidifiers:

cold vapor devices.
This is the traditional type of humidifier. Operation of this device is to cool the evaporation of the liquid. Water is poured into the tank, and then it is sent to the tray, and then to the evaporator cartridges. The simplest models have replaceable paper filters. air from the evaporating elements, moisturize, takes place in the room.

Such devices not only humidifies the air, but it is purified. All the dirt accumulated in the print cartridges and filters. For cold foggers use distilled water. The advantage of such devices consists in the fact that they are very energy saving. It is also important that they operate practically without noise. This type of humidifier taken to establish the child's room and bedroom, as well as in offices. The disadvantage of this device is only in the fact that they have little power.

hot steam devices.
Operation of these devices based on the evaporation of liquid by heating it. These devices operate on the principle of an electric kettle. If the water in the evaporator is completely boiled off, the device switches off itself. Therefore, these devices completely fireproof. This type of humidifier has a humidistat, which allows the device to control the humidity of the air and off on their own when the indicator reaches the desired value.

Steam or ultrasonic humidifier is best to use in creating a comfortable climate in greenhouses. The positive qualities of steam devices are easy to operate and use their inhalation. You just need to add to the infusion device of the medicinal ingredients or aromatic oils. Aromatic oils allow the use of the device, also as an air freshener.

Ultrasonic devices
The operating principle of ultrasonic humidifier is to move particles of water in the state of "water cloud". This is not due to boiling liquid, but due to high-frequency oscillations. Dry air is passed to the humidifier. Then with a fan in the output space in the form of cold mist. These humidifiers do not heat the water, so they can be used in areas where there are small children.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are suitable for rooms in which there are items in need of maintaining a certain level of humidity. Such items include antiques, antique furniture, musical instruments. Also, ultrasonic humidifier can be installed in the living room.

The principle of ultrasonic humidifier allows very precise control of humidity. Of course, such devices are rather expensive, but they are easy enough to do yourself.

Climatic complexes
These humidifiers help to not only moisturize, but also to clear the air of any impurities. The process of wetting takes place on the basis of steam devices. A filter inserted in the device is often antibacterial and antiallergic. If the unit is equipped with a carbon filter, then it will help rid the room of bad odors and cigarette smoke. These systems can be installed in offices and children's rooms. In some models, you can insert a capsule for aromatherapy.

While all of these types of humidifiers have their advantages, but still are very popular, ultrasonic humidifiers, which can be done independently. To help in this step by step guide is described below.

Spray-type humidifiers.
Such humidifiers spray water slurry, which is a minute water particles. Departing from the humidifier, mist goes into the state of vapor. Such devices are very powerful, but are very expensive. Therefore, these humidifiers, which are also called atomizers, set only in industrial areas, where they can justify themselves.

Positive aspects of such devices are visible to the naked eye. These include a high degree of safety, ease of use, low noise figure and small size, which is very important for the Russian Apartments. In addition, such humidifiers save electricity in spite of good performance. Accurate humidity control is also an important advantage.

The only disadvantage of such devices is that they have stringent requirements for water. It is best if it is distilled.

CREATING ultrasonic humidifier
In order to make the ultrasonic humidifier with your hands, you will need:

Ultrasonic steam generator.
Fan for PC.
Capacity of plastic 5 or 10 liters.
Plastic cups.
Detail by child pyramid shaped donut.
The power supply to 24v7.
Flexible pipe, corrugated.
The stabilizer.
Area All you need to create a humidifier can be found at home or buy at a hardware store. The total cost of improvised reception will be not more than one thousand rubles, which is significantly lower than the cost of factory humidifier. So how to make ultrasonic humidifier? We describe the whole process.

After purchasing all the necessary need, using a drill to make a hole in the lid of the container. They are inserted into the fan mount, lead-pipe and steam generator wires. Then the container is necessary to fasten the fan to insert a corrugated tube. These parts of the structure should be placed at opposite ends of the container.

For the best steam generator to produce a special floating platform. In it the device will always float on the water surface, which will ensure continuous operation of the ultrasonic humidifier. What do the floating platform? For it will need a measuring cup and a piece of plastic with a round shaped hole in the middle, which can be taken from the children's pyramid. To insert the cup in a bagel, drill a hole in the bottom of the cup, and then attached to the bottom of a glass cloth with a rubber band. The fabric will perform the filter function. Next, insert the steam generator into the cup.

This ultrasound device is powered by direct current income equal to 24V, and for the fan need only 12V, so the fan power should be implemented by means of a stabilizer circuit. For proper operation, it is better to equip fixed and variable resistors. Chips, speed control knob and other electrical connections need to hide under the area of ‚Äč‚Äčaluminum. The device is ready.

This humidifier does not require special care. It is only necessary to see to it that the instrument was always water, otherwise it will not function. Once again it is worth recalling that the water in an ultrasonic humidifier, even a home-made, need to pour distilled.


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