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What exactly spectacularly flopped 108 years ago in the area between the Lena and Stony Tunguska, significantly is not known so far. Or knows? And the masses, for obvious reasons, simply are not informed, so as not to worry unduly. In fact, as of today available in 77 versions with variations, that it was then crashed in the forest, but none of them is not proven. No debris, residues and mandatory funnel (if it was still a meteorite) or the background, and other related factors, if jerked any nuclear trash or poltverzhdeniya by comet version - nothing. So, in essence, levenkie unsubscribe reports, against which even humorous version of Gennady Plekhanov looks quite acceptable. Brutally gnawed midge, he gave the hypothesis of volumetric thermal cloud explosion 5 thousand cubic kilometers of mosquitoes and gnats gathered for the occasion in this place.
Just typed by 50 megatons of TNT.
Because for fresh versions of the most curious and nostalgic regular space - a mysterious experiment of Nikola Tesla, which he spent on unconfirmed reports that day. According to this theory, he was going to pass them contrived way energy flow, sending it to Alaska. Something went wrong, the flow deflected to the side, power was higher than planned and got what we got. A Tesla to learn about the consequences, the study turned ... Romantic, yes
Over the years, searching the wreckage of the Tunguska meteorite members of various expeditions to the total found in the territory of the disaster 12 holes wide conical shape. At what depth they go, no one knows, because no one even tried to study. Recently, however, researchers first thought about the origin of the holes and the picture of felling trees in the disaster area. For all known theories and the practice itself, fallen trunks must lie in parallel rows. And here they are clearly unscientific. Hence, the explosion was not a classic, and some completely unknown to science. All these facts allow geophysicists is reasonable to assume that a careful study of the conical holes in the earth will shed light on the mystery of anthrax. Some scientists have already began to express the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčearthly origin of the phenomenon.
In 2006, according to the President of the Foundation "Tunguska Space Phenomenon" Yuri Lavbina in the Stony Tunguska River area on the site of the Tunguska meteorite Krasnoyarsk researchers have discovered quartz boulders with mysterious writings.

According to researchers, the strange symbols appear on the surface of the quartz man-made way, presumably with the help of plasma exposure. Assays quartz cobblestones are investigated Krasnoyarsk and Moscow showed that silica contains impurities space substances which can not be obtained in the world. Studies have confirmed that the stones are artifacts: many of them are glued layers of plates, each of which marked signs of an unknown alphabet. According to the hypothesis Lavbina, quartz stones - pieces of information of the container sent to the planet extraterrestrial civilization and exploded as a result of unsuccessful landing
. And mnogao, many other versions and assumptions. But those same stones ... Who said they were not there before or have not appeared after?
One good thing - like that happen half a century later - the Third World would hardly have escaped ...


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