Perhaps in 30 years our vacation will look like this

Everyone wants to at least one eye to look to the future, particularly when it actively draws us great minds of science and science fiction writers are talented. And all these theories and views are often much brighter and more original than our imagination.

Some of these ideas are very interested in us in the Website

Ideal airplane travel

Eric Elmas modeled eco-friendly and silent airship with a transparent roof, which allows sunbathing and swimming during the flight.

Ecopolis on the water

On the important question concerning the water level of growth, the answer became a floating eco-city Liliped (Lilypad) Vincent Callebaut. Ideal City can accommodate 50 thousand people working on renewable energy sources (wind, sunlight, the power of tides and other alternative sources) and also collects rainwater.

This ship has all workplaces, shopping areas, areas for relaxation and entertainment. This is probably one of the best ways to live in harmony with nature!

Flying Gardens

As it turned out, many people dream of a clean and healthy planet, and this idea is proof of that. Aeronautics and horticulture - keywords in another project of Vincent Callebaut. His future creation - "hydrogenase" - is a hybrid of a skyscraper, the airship, the bioreactor and the hanging gardens for air purification


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Kind of a mobile port for ships that can replace a resort with lots of entertainment. It's almost a real island, which also includes its own power source.


On the creation of this yacht designer Zakho Hadid inspired underwater world. This is where she found the necessary structures and forms that are used in the work. Reminiscent of the exoskeleton, this yacht is impressive both inside and outside.

cruise airship of the future luxury

He came to us as if from the movie "Star Wars", only with good intentions. The goal pursued by designer Mac Byers - to create a comfortable transport for traveling, where you can completely relax


Inside, everything looks very futuristic. Lots of space, bright colors and an impressive view of the land - the main parts, which are to be noted. The project provides an opportunity for a fresh look at airships.

Managed tropical island

A miracle created by London-based company "Yacht Island Design» (Yacht Island Design). I think this is a real floating tropical island, which, incidentally, has a waterfall, a pool with a transparent bottom, and even a small volcano.

Streets of Monaco

Another project is "Yacht Island Design» (Yacht Island Design), which is likely to appeal to fans of the popular destinations. A luxury boat includes several well-known objects of Monaco: luxury "Hotel de Paris" casino "Monte Carlo" restaurant "Café de Paris" and even go-cart track, repeating the route of the Grand Prix track in Monaco
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giant city-ship

How about a huge floating city? Here 'Atlantis II », which in size can be compared to Central Park in New York. The idea, of course, surprised by its scale.

Green island for cleaning fresh water

Fazal - floating garden designed for cleaning of rivers and ensure excellent all fresh water. Vehicles equipped with a biofilter, which is used for cleaning their own gardens on the surface.

In addition, the perfect green island with clean air can be also a great resort.

Preview: Eric Almas



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