10 of the largest meteorites that fell to Earth (22 photos)

On our planet is constantly falling space body. Some of them have a grit size, others may weigh several hundred kilograms, and even tons. Canadian scientists from the Astrophysical Institute of Ottawa argued that for the year the Earth falls meteor shower a total weight of over 21 tons, and the individual meteorites weighing from a few grams up to 1 ton.
In this article, we remember the 10 largest meteorites that fell to Earth.

Sutter's Mill Meteorite, April 22, 2012
This meteorite called Sutter Mill appeared on Earth 22 April 2012, moving at a breakneck speed of 29 km / sec. He flew over the Nevada and California, scattering his red-hot, and exploded over Washington. The power of the explosion was about 4 kilotons of TNT. For comparison, the power of yesterday's explosion in the fall of the meteorite Chelyabinsk amounted to 300 tons of TNT. Scientists have found that Sutter's Mill meteorite appeared early days of our solar system, and the cosmic body-grandparent was formed over 4566, 57 million years ago. Sutter's Mill Meteorite Fragments:

Meteor rain in China, February 11, 2012
Almost a year ago, February 11, 2012 about a hundred meteoric stones fell on an area of ​​100 km in one of the regions of China. The largest found meteorite weighed 12.6 kg. It is believed that the meteorites came from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Meteorite from Peru, September 15, 2007
This meteorite fell in Peru near Lake Titicaca, near the border with Bolivia. Eyewitnesses claimed that at first was a loud noise, like the sound of a falling plane, but then they saw some falling body on fire. Bright trace of heated white-hot cosmic body, entered the Earth's atmosphere is called a meteor.

At the crash site of the explosion crater diameter of 30 and a depth of 6 meters, of which scored a fountain of boiling water. Probably, in the meteorite contained toxic substances, since 1500 people living nearby, began severe headaches. Place meteorite in Peru:


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