The most amazing facts about meteorites

The longest meteor shower lasted 10 hours
On the night of 13 November 1833 in the Eastern United States held the longest in the history of planet Earth meteor rain, which continued for 10 hours. Meteor shower took place during the most powerful meteor stream, which is called the Leonids.

The largest fallen to Earth meteorite 80 thousand years
The largest meteorite fell to Earth a very long time. Found him in 1920 in Namibia, at Hoba West Farm, which is located near the town of Grootfontein, farmer Jacobus. The hoba meteorite was dug up and left in place where found.

The poisonous meteorite fell in Peru
The meteorite, which fell on 15 September 2007 at lake Titicaca in Peru, raised a lot of noise. The witnesses first heard a noise which resembles the sound of falling of the plane, and then saw fire fiery body. Apparently, the meteorite had some poisonous substances, as 1.5 thousand local residents had seriously deteriorated state of health, and began to have severe headaches.

30 Nov 1954 a meteorite crashed through the roof of the house American Anne Hejazi and caused her injuries in the shoulder and hip. Women's health concerns did not cause, but some days she spent in the hospital. Today Anne is the only person that hit the meteorite, although every day the Earth falls about 4 billion of these heavenly bodies.

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