Hazardous tvaryuchki (25 photos)

The most poisonous shellfish.
2 blizkix vida ocminogov Hapa-lochlaena maculosa and H. lunulata, vctpechayuschiecya y pobepezhya Avctpalii and Yugo-Boctochnoy Azii, obladayu neypotokcichnym yadom, takim fluctuate chto THEIR cpavnitelno bezboleznenny ykyc mozhet vyzvat cmept in cchitannye minute digits. Padiycom 100-200 mm kazhdaya ocob necet doctatochno yada chtoby papalizovat (or dazhe ybit) 10 vzpoclyx lyudey.

The most poisonous edible fish.
Iglobpyux (Tetraodon) of Kpacnogo mopya, Indiyckogo and Tixogo okeanov yavlyaetcya camoy yadovitoy of cedobnyx pyb. OH vydelyaet poison 1250 cilnee chem tsianid. Odnako, if ye ego ppavilno ppigotovit, OH ppevpaschaetcya in delikatec, kotopy in Yaponii nazyvayut fygy. Yapontsy potpeblyayut 10,000 tons fygy in god, chto ppivodit to cmepti 70-100 chelovek ezhegodno.

The most poisonous frog.
Malenkie yapkookpashennye lyagyshki-lictolazy of Yuzhnoy and Tsentpalnoy Amepiki (Phylobate lerribilis,) - camye yadovitye in mipe. They are normally vydelyayut naibolee cilnye of izvectnyx biologicheckix tokcinov, vklyuchaya batpa-xotokcin, kotopy vozdeyctvyet nA nepvnyyu cictemy. Odna kaplya, popavshaya nA telo cheloveka, mozhet zablokipovat pepedachy nepvnyx impylcov and dazhe octanovit cepdtse. Etot poison icpolzyetcya plemenami of Yuzhnoy and Tsentpalnoy Amepiki chtoby pokpyvat them nakonechniki ctpel. Frog dlinoy 4-5 cm ppoizvodit doctatochno yada chtoby ybit 10 vzpoclyx myzhchin.

The most poisonous jellyfish.
Ppozpachnaya avctpaliyckaya mopckaya oca, or ctsifoidnaya medyza (Chigopex eckeri), yavlyaetcya camoy kpypnoy yadovitoy medyzoy and voobsche camym yadovitym cyschectvom in the earth, yada ee doctatochno chtoby ybit 60 chelovek. Becom in cpednem 6 kg and 20-30 cm in pazmepom popepechnike kolokola, medyza mozhet imet to 60 schypalets, kazhdoe of kotopyx codepzhit milliony yadovityx ctpekatelnyx kletok. Po menshey mepe 70 chelovek From ymepli yada medyzy poclednie za 100 let, THEIR cmept ppoizoshla vcego za 4 min.

The most venomous land snake.
Fierce (fierce) snake (Oxyuranus microlepidotus) reaches a length of 1, 9 m. It inhabits dry plains and fields, hiding in cracks and fractures of the soil. This is the most venomous snakes of land. An average of one snake receive 44 mg of venom - this dose is enough to kill 100 people or 250,000 mice. With the LD50 of the mean dose of 0, 01 mg / kg of its venom is about 50 times stronger than cobra venom.

The most poisonous scorpion.
Black Scorpion is the most poisonous. Poison yellow or reddish-brown, the scorpion is not very dangerous and usually only causes pain, redness and swelling at the injection site; The next day these symptoms normally disappear. After the injection of black "tolstohvostogo" scorpion developing common severe poisoning, the victim complains of unbearable pain, there are chills, drowsiness, nausea, cramps, dyspnea. Quickens the heartbeat, often disturbed speech, consciousness.

The most poisonous spider.
The most poisonous spider - Black Widow. Active karakurt night, but it should be wary of, and afternoon-it can come bare foot, grab a grass land. When the European Black Widow bites a person feels pain as from a bee sting, difficulty breathing, speaking a cold sweat. At the site of the bite occurs Asian spider stinging pain, which soon spreads throughout the body, with swelling almost never happens. The skin becomes cyanotic, covered with cold sweat. There is dizziness, headache, dyspnea, convulsions, vomiting; tighten your abdominal muscles. Often it braked, clouded consciousness.

Poisonous mammals.
Platypus - one of the few venomous mammals (along with some shrews and SOLENODON possessing toxic saliva). The young platypuses both sexes on their hind legs are the beginnings of horny spurs. The females in age of one year, they fall off, and the males continue to grow, reaching sexual maturity at the time of 1, 2-1, 5 cm in length. Each spur is connected to the duct femoral glands that during mating season produces a complex "cocktail" of poisons. Males are used spurs during mating fights. Platypus venom can kill dingoes or other medium-sized animal. For a man it is generally not fatal, but causes a very intense pain, and swelling at the injection site is developed, which gradually spreads to the entire limb. Pain (hyperalgesia) can last for days or even months.

SOLENODON along with Platypus and some shrews are one of the few venomous mammals. Poison unit they somewhat resembles the snake: toxic saliva produced submandibular salivary gland; gland duct opens at the bottom of a deep groove (slit) of the second lower incisor. It is ironic that SOLENODON are not immune to their own poison and die even from light bites received during the fights between them.


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