Dangerous animals

Some wild animals are not considered hazardous, and even on the contrary - we think they are friendly. Animals with whom we often meet, and sometimes do not even realize how dangerous these creatures can be.

10. Beaver.

Beavers are known for their almost human ability to chop down trees and the ability to manage the waterways. This giant rodent has sharp and constantly growing front teeth. Their massive tools, like a saw, cut trees, and yet we rarely perceive beavers as dangerous to humans. And yet they will not hesitate for long and floated their sharp teeth while protecting its territory.

Disappearing population of beavers is reviving in Europe, but is restricted habitat and the expansion of human settlements. In the fight for territory increased level of confrontation with the man. In addition to the frequent cases of bites in Belarus after the attack beaver died from loss of blood fisherman. Probably fisherman tried to grab the animal and to photograph your trophy catch, and it was expecting aggressive reaction beaver.

9. Kit - pilot.

We are always treated with respect to marine mammals because of their amazing strength and size, but we do not consider them aggressive. Whale-pilot or pilot whale, dolphin resembles a large, fearsome exception of their rights. View on a small whale, but in character worthy novels Herman Merville.
Sea animal has a bad reputation among marine biologists. Pilot whale can show aggressive nature when meeting people. There was a case when kit- pilot strayed from the pack, grabbed the man's hip and dragged him through the water 10 meters. Fortunately the man escaped.

8. Deer.

We see deer as harmless herbivores, but harmless food has absolutely nothing to do with the nature of this animal. These herbivores have strong hooves and horns are massive, which can cause serious injury to those who encroach on their territory. Collisions with wild deer more than once led to unpredictable consequences.
When attacked by wild deer lead to serious injury or even death, people are still trying to tame deer. The case of Canadian farmer who owned 11 white-tailed deer, was widely publicized. His trampled and gored to death the dominant male. Deer dominant aspect inherent in the relationship and a high level of aggression during mating as wolves, and protection of young individuals like Ursa.

7. Red fox.

Traditionally people experiencing feelings of fear the wolf, but the smaller members of the family dog ​​can be a great threat to humans. Red fox cunning and unfortunately mostly for her victims are children. Fox may invade the property rights, pursuing his prey. Known strange case when two 9-month baby fox attacked while they were sleeping peacefully in their beds. They get bitten hands. Another kid aggressive fox bit off the finger. Fortunately the doctors managed to sew the finger during.

6. Raccoon.

People are convinced that raccoons is funny playful animals, but these small carnivores attack people like little bears. These animals come from America, with remarkable success adapted to city life. With powerful teeth and razor-sharp claws, tame raccoons can inflict terrible wounds as people and pets. Was recorded case, when an American woman was severely damaged due to the attack pack of raccoons that viciously attacked her. She survived multiple stings, wounds after which it was necessary to sew and was treated against rabies.

5. Spider-racer.

Spider - horse with red back, who lives in western North America, has a dense round body and a red belly. This kind of move with astonishing speed and not miss a chance to bite, causing massive swelling and pain that can last for several days. They have an excellent memory and have outstanding ability prosecution.

4. catfish.

Many members of the family of catfish, have sharp spines, which inject potent toxins into their prey. Their sting is a modified dorsal fin. Unpleasant consequences of their bite can be: swelling, irritation, and even nausea and weakness within a few days. There are several appalling cases where there was death of tissue and developed gangrene, which resulted in the amputation of limbs.

3. Parrot.

Parrots - unusually smart tropical birds, which are considered to be the companions of pirates. Large parrots such as Amazon, African Grey, Ara, or have an extremely powerful beak can bite your finger. They are sometimes prone to hostility towards his owner. Among the owners of parrots are common injuries loss of an eye and finger amputation. Also documented injury lips, ear damage and serious injury to the face.

2. Wild Goose.

Wild geese, especially in Canada, have adapted well to urban ponds and golf courses and more can be found right here than in their native habitat. However, geese, refused to wild habitat preserve the instinct to protect their territory, which leads to conflicts with humans. Canada geese attack resulted in fractures, traumatic brain injuries and injuries of the skin of people.

1. Hyena.

Attack hyena is probably the worst thing that can happen to you during the day. Striped hyenas have a truly astonishing force grip. Contrary to its appearance stalking animals gather carrion, hyenas are dangerous predators and aggressive defenders of their territory. Sometimes people are victims and the consequences of their attacks have terrible results. Reported horrific case where a university student bitten hyenas. Later found only his skull and a few teeth.


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