The 3 most dangerous to humans shark

The summer season is always associated with a beach holiday. But in the azure waters of the overseas resort often lurk huge and dangerous animals – sharks. We decided to compile a list of three shark species that most often attack humans.
White shark
This huge fish is also called a man-eating shark, as it is famous for a large number of attacks on people. This species can be found in all world oceans except the Arctic. The animal reaches a size six and a half meters and weigh up to two and a half tons.

Bull sharks
An animal can live in both salt and fresh water, has large jaws and high aggressiveness. They quite often swim in the river and unable to climb high up the stream.

Tiger shark
This type of sharks is one of the most popular on the planet. They live in all oceans, they can hold on to as the promenade and swim far from the shore. Quite often, chasing prey, they swim in shallow water, often swim in coves and channels.

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