Egypt continues shark attacks on tourists (15 photos)

Shark attacks on tourists on the beaches of the popular Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh continued since early December. From terrible teeth suffered for five people: three Russian and one Ukrainian tourists as a result of these attacks were seriously injured, and on December 5, killing 70-year-old tourist from Germany. Generally, shark attacks on people - is extremely rare. For example, in the United States annually sinks about 3306 people, while the teeth of shark dies no more than one year. Still, such attacks each time bringing terror to millions of people.

After the first attack at sea came hunters sharks. I caught a shark on deck.

The day before the death of German tourists from shark teeth officials announced that swimming is safe, despite the fact that the local Association of protection and preservation of the environment expressed their doubts.

The situation in Sharm el-Sheikh tragedy repeats the story of the famous film "Jaws", shot by Steven Spielberg in 1975. In the first part of this vibrant city is also the mayor of the film is excited to announce the beaches safe, and the terrible consequences of this step are not forced to wait long.

Ongoing attacks have forced local authorities to report that they need care to cope with the situation.

The popularity of Sharm el-Sheikh with tourists from around the world is growing every year. Its beaches are located in the Bay of Naama Bay, and clean water and beautiful coral reefs create ideal conditions for diving. Now tourists are forced to bathe only on beaches where exactly no sharks.


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