How to use water in the heat?

And the point is not that the water can be dirty. Water poisoning is a type of fluid overload, the excessive content of water in violation of water-salt metabolism. This happens if the body gets a lot of water, it stands out less than it should. Appears gipergidratace swelling and may even result in swelling of internal organs.

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Water intoxication most often occurs in the heat or if the physical work. I do not advise to drink more than half liter of water. Kidney healthy person will be able to bring close one liter of water per hour, heat some amount of water excreted in sweat.

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Thus, in hot weather, do not forget about a balanced fluid intake – it should be not too small to avoid dehydration, and not too much ( most important – not too fast!) in order to deal with gipergidratace.

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