10 reasons to drink more water

Image - nothing, thirst - all, as stated in the well-known advertising. Thirsty mankind for centuries to quench it with ordinary drinking water. But not so simple in the modern world, which is ruled by soft drinks, alcohol and caffeine. "Washed down" of their thirst, we forget that plain drinking water not only useful but also vital to the body. Many people do not realize how important water is for health, beauty and shape. The following reasons for deciding to increase the daily amount drunk simple water - only the most obvious. So, ordinary drinking water:

1. It improves and rejuvenates the skin

Modern ladies spend a fortune on cosmetics skin care face and body, while completely ignoring the cheapest and most effective means - water. Daily consumption of drinking water leads to improve cell activity, moisturises the skin from within, improves its elasticity and prevents dryness.

2. The elimination of toxins

Water helps remove toxins from the digestive tract. As is well known, the kidneys are the natural "filter" this organism and their ability depends on the amount of water drunk.

3. Reduces the risk of heart attack

A recent study showed that people who drank at least 5 glasses of plain water a day decreases the risk of heart attacks compared with those who drank 2 cups of water a day.

4. Is the "grease" for the joints and muscles

Water - the basic material for the formation of a special liquid, which is a kind of "lubricant" for your joints and muscles. Athletes (especially those who devoted themselves to power sports) have long known that lack of water in the body leads to muscle spasms. Even if your acquaintance with sport is reduced to a daily morning exercises, remember that in order to prevent muscle cramps should drink water before, during and after exercise.

5. Restores energy

On average, during the day a person loses about 10 (!) Glasses of liquid (during the process of sweating, breathing, urination and defecation). Even the slightest dehydration can result in loss of concentration, headaches, irritability and fatigue.

Water is essential for the body to function properly. Oxygen levels in the circulatory system depends on the amount of water drunk by us. The more oxygen is contained in the body, the more oil will be burned for energy production. When a small amount of oxygen the body can not "dispose of" fat and turn it into energy.

Researchers have confirmed that water is required as well for the proper functioning of the brain.

6. Supports the digestive system

Water not only prevents constipation, but also participates in the digestion process and the formation of chemical reactions of this process. Carbohydrates and proteins that our body uses as power absorbed and transported into the circulatory system via water. Using the same water waste is excreted from the body (a process urination).

7. Reduces the risk of diseases and infections

Lack of water in the body can lead to a dangerous disease - chronic dehydration cells. Cells of the body constantly loses the right amount of water, which leads to a decrease in their vitality and opens the way for the emergence of various diseases due to a general decrease in immunity.

8. Regulates body temperature

Water regulates the "cooling system" of the body. After active sports steaming and sweaty athletes often attack the so-called "sports" drinks. However, many experts agree that water as the thermostat "works" better than well-publicized sodas with sugar.

You'd be surprised, but the water - is a nutrient that the body needs in the largest extent. From 55% to 75% of the weight of an average an adult is just water, which is involved in the process thermoregulation.

9. Burns fat and "sculpts" new muscle

As mentioned above, dehydration leads to a slowing of protein synthesis, which is crucial for the formation process of the muscles. The process of formation of new muscle tissue - energy-intensive. The lower the calories burned and transformed into energy to create new muscle, the more calories you "put off" in the body as excess fat.

10. Improves overall health

By the traditional formulation GP, ​​delivered at the bedside of ARI or flu - "and drink plenty of fluids" - should be treated with the utmost seriousness. Water helps control the heat, replenishing lost body fluids and mucus bringing.

Water - an important part of our lives. Try to drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise in hot weather, low humidity, while at high altitude above sea level, experiencing nausea, diarrhea, with an increase in body temperature. However, it is important to remember that the body is able to absorb about 120 milliliters of water every 10 minutes, so do not overdo it.

Train yourself to drink one glass of water every hour. Make this process fun:

 - Add a little water in a glass of mint and slices of fresh strawberry, apple, lemon or lime. Drink "fruit water" cooled.

 - Instead of the usual black tea drink herbal infusions. Try Dog rose, chamomile, apple, mint tea, mate * and traditional Chinese green tea.

 - Always add a little water into a glass of fresh lemon juice. Warm water with lemon, drink in the morning to "empty stomach" toxins from the liver and helps fight obesity.

For reference:

* Mate - Plant Yerba Mate (Yerba mate), the scientific name «Illex Paraguariensis» (Saint Hilaire), has been known for several centuries, is native to South America. Mate (pronounced "mate" with the accent on a syllable pery, often also found name Herba Mate, Yerba Mate, Mate Tea; sometimes in trade notation mat used names like "The Paraguayan tea ',' Brazilian tea", etc.) - chaepodobny drink, which is obtained from the dried leaves of an evergreen tropical tree Illex Paraguariensis. It is a branched shrub, which in the wild live up to 50 years and reaches a height of 15 meters.

This mate, for a classic drink of the special dishes, is golden - green, very dry and consists of three components:

1. Stems (they contain a high concentration of nutrients)

2. Sami leaves (attached to the drink color and astringency)

3. Light dust (shown that Yerba mate properly dried out and save all useful properties

Mate drink using kalabasa (traditional pumpkin vessel) and bombizhi - tube through which the draw infusion.

Bombizhi and kalabas are unique, as is usually done by hand by these masters.



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