What falls from the sky

NASA warned this week that the Earth will fall 6, 5-ton satellite and last warning came true. Let's look at the dangerous, beautiful and huge objects ever falling from the sky.

NASA warned that falls to the Earth (and he fell) 20-year-old companion. However, 6, 5-ton satellite - is not the only thing that fell from heaven. (NASA / AP Photo)

Traditional airlines are struggling with a very serious problem of icing engines. So it was quite a surprise when a piece of ice fell from the plane directly on the roof of the garage Penny and Bill White in Nevada. Thank God, in the incident no one was hurt, except fear and a hole in the roof. Then the representative of the Federation Aviation said that such cases - an extreme rarity. (Corbis)

The annual Perseid meteor rain - a real show. Shooting stars and meteors pierce the night sky like fireworks. During a cycle of orbital motion of the Earth reaches the same mass flow of space at the same time of year. The phenomenon is named after Perseus - the constellation from which, as scientists believe, and there are these meteors. This year, amateur astronomers were disappointed as most of the show was hidden light of the moon. To properly enjoy this event, you need to go as far as possible from the city and look towards the constellation Perseus. (NASA)

Americans in 1979 were probably shocked no less than we do, when we learned then that 77, 5-ton spacecraft Skylab to fall from space and fly away as colorfully written in the newspaper «Time», to "the heavenly rain of burning metal, comparable in beauty with fireworks on Independence Day. " Skylab was the first space station of its kind in the United States and its fall was unprecedented. In just six years after it brought to the Earth's orbit, and 10 years after the first landing on the moon, Skylab returned to Earth, falling into the Indian Ocean, and to the territory of Western Australia. (SSPL / Getty Images)

Thousands of dead birds fell from the sky over Arkansas in early 2011, and many immediately thought that doomsday is near. However, the massive decline of birds can be explained more logically - most likely it was due to bad weather conditions. For example strong winds, lightning and hail, or launch fireworks, especially in rural areas where the birds live in flocks, just scared to death explosions. Despite the number of hypotheses, scientists have not reached a consensus about the cause of the mass death of birds. (Stephen B. Thornton, The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette / AP Photo)


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