Tram collapse (8 photos)

He writes Ilya Varlamov:
"We're going today with Katz on the tram for dinner, enjoy the rhythmic tapping of the wheel and then suddenly stop ... Some" not a good man "threw his trough, blocking tram lines. From surprise from Maxim Evgenicha even snow-white cylinder slid on its side. Such audacity was not expected .... »

Phone no, it is not clear where the driver.

It took 20 minutes ... no one. Passengers begin to diverge. The problem is that too much to go nowhere. Tram is the only public transportation. The nearest metro station almost a kilometer. Older people are sitting and waiting in the cold to walk a kilometer to the subway no one wants.

People swear, angry ... but can not do anything. I'm calling the traffic police, I promise to send the outfit without a tow truck. Evakuatror such cases they do not have the right to expel.

It has already collected 7 trams. Everywhere people are sitting and waiting for the villain will return to the car. Some machines have gathered very frustrated passengers with a view to cause physical injury to the driver.


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