Museum of electric transport in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg tram appeared later than in Kiev, Moscow and other cities, as many as in 1907. And already in 1989, Leningrad was introduced in the Guinness Book of Records as the tram city in the world, at that time there were more than 1,000 kilometers of tram tracks. Now every year the tram lines in the city is becoming less and less. They take up a lot of space, because of the tram traffic jams well, etc. In St. Petersburg trams painted in red and white color that distinguishes them from the trams in other cities. And also we have our own tram factory which produces trams, including the latest models, very quiet and low-floor, but the museum you will not see ...
In this museum you can go only with a guided tour, which is logical because the guide can tell you all the details about each exhibit.
If you've not been in this museum, you should definitely visit it. This is one of the few museums where everything can be touched by pressing, go to any car, sit in a chair motorman.
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2. Until 1950 the trams were not heated, and the routes were hoo what, well, for example: Kupchino station - Gorky Park, and the Kazan Cathedral - Strelna, and winter driving in cold weather was cool. Therefore, you travel on the tram people heated brick, wrapped in his clothes, and so went with him to the correct stop.

Here in this depot and museum is

3. This period of the tram, the so-called tram runs from 1-2 horsepower.

4.Kstati this particular exhibit starred in the film "Heart of a Dog»:

5.A looked like that first tram interiors St Petersburg:



8.A the tram in the nation earned the nickname "Hipsters»:

9.Eto was the first tram with soft seats:

10.On was also the first in which to conduct the experiment began passenger service without conductors, then appeared here such devices:



13.A this tram is called "Aquarium", for what its roof made of glass windows byle:

14.Po foundry and Garden trams no longer run, and when it was my favorite №14 route:

15.A this route, I do not remember:

16. In this museum has several exhibits bearing the title of the only in the world, here for example: the longest tram car on the ground, its length is 31 meters and it is placed to 450 people and it worked 2 conductor! They went only in St. Petersburg, is no longer used, and the latest model is in this museum:

17.Ili here, the oldest, operating a trolley in the world! Made to the Guinness Book of Records. It is fully on track.


19.Da, but in Leningrad was Red Square, now called Alexander Nevsky Square:

20.A here's another: a trolley which is in every city where there is a trolleybus, this is a massive trolley in the WORLD! They were produced more than 43 000 pieces! In addition to the USSR, they travel in Argentina, Colombia and even in Kenya!

21.A that's another:



24.U trolley unlike the trams were very short routes:

25.Nu could not deny myself the pleasure:

26.I more, as the museum is on Vaska, a favorite place for the construction of business centers and other commercial projects, this area is a tasty morsel for investors, and this museum many times wanted to relocate. Now he is given until the end of this year, what will happen, nobody knows. I do not know how we could help in the preservation of the museum, but I think if we go there, write articles Learn about this place, tell your friends, etc. We thereby privlechёm attention to him. If you live in St. Petersburg, then go there, you will not regret. If you have children, then they simply will be delighted.

This museum is on Vaska (Vasilyevsky Island) Middleweight Prospect House 77, the former tram depot.



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