Humidifying the air at home — 4 easy ways

Under conditions of low humidity , there is drowsiness and fatigue, reduced working capacity, develops the syndrome of "dry" eyes. To create a comfortable indoor climate, it is possible to use different methods of humidifying the air.

Recall that the optimal humidity in the room:

for premises, furniture, paintings, musical instruments, books – 40-60%;

for computers and other office equipment – 45-60%;

for indoor plants, winter gardens – 55-75%.

1. REGULARLY Pomestyatsya window at least three times a day for at least 10-15 minutes. The wider Windows will be open, the sooner ventilate the room.
This is the easiest and affordable way of air humidification. But not the most effective. For example, the hot summer air is very dry, so in dry weather the mere ventilation will not provide adequate humidification. But in the winter and the heating season when the batteries much dry air, this humidifier works very well.

2. ARRANGE IN the ROOM of the VESSELS WITH Vodorazdelnaya on the window sills of the tank with water. Evaporating water ensures good wetting of the air in the room. Don't forget to add water into the vessels.

Important: This is a very effective way to increase humidity in the room, but not very hygienic. Since the water tanks soon begin to breed bacteria and bacteria, so don't forget to rinse.

3. MIX the APARTMENT PLANTS, MOISTURIZING Osduhs houseplants are beneficial to the indoor climate. Humidification of the air in the apartment is due to the evaporation of water through leaves of plants. This not only increases air humidity, but also its ionization. And some plants are able to allocate in addition to moisture, particular organic matter, effectively purifying and disinfecting the air.

Tip: Especially a lot of moisture is able to give the following plants: Nephrolepis (fern home), fats, tsiperus, sparmannia (Linden room), ficus, dracaena, hibiscus. Nephrolepis additionally destroys airborne harmful substances (formaldehyde, xylene, toluene).

4. BUY a SPECIAL DEVICE FOR MOISTENING Visualiseerimine ways of humidifying the air is quite effective. However, they do not compare in efficiency with special devices that allow to maintain the specified indoor level of humidity.
Humidifiers are of the following types: steam (equipped with ionizing silver rod), traditional humidifiers (banish dry air through a wet sponge), ultrasonic humidifiers (clean water and spray it vibrating membrane).

If you decide to buy humidifier in house, we offer you to familiarize yourself with the available types of instruments. We analyze the pros and cons of each type and show you how to choose the right humidifier for the air. To make the right choice, should be guided by certain criteria for the selection of the humidifier.

Type of humidifier

The simplest type of such devices is a traditional humidifier (humidifier or cold steam). This device humidifies the air in the apartment, vaporizing the particles of cold water. To use this humidifier is quite simple: put water in a special tank, then the fan runs that water through special filters.
+ The main advantage of such models – they self-adjust to surrounding conditions and can adjust the rate of evaporation of water depending on what the level of humidity in a particular room.
In such devices need to use distilled water, otherwise the filter quickly becomes clogged and fails.

In steam models, the saturation of air with moisture is due to evaporation of hot water, the steam has a temperature of 50-60 degrees. Here a volatile element is not a filter, and a pair of electrodes which are immersed in water, thereby heating and vaporizing it.
+ Such a device absolutely meets all safety requirements: when the water completely boils away, the humidifier automatically shuts off.
- Steam temperature entails and restrictions: such humidifiers is not recommended to buy for those who have small children.

To date, the most popular among consumers, and a modern modification of the humidifier ecoliteracy model. If you stop your choice on such models, they will be able to control the level of humidity in the room. In such devices, there is a vibration with ultrasonic frequency of the plate, and when the water falls on the plate, it breaks into tiny particles and evenly sprayed in the room.
+ It is very effective, fairly compact, but still consumes very little power.
- Requires demineralization of water, or furniture covered with a white coating after drying of the deposited small water droplets with dissolved salts. You must either use distilled water, or use decarbonizers filter cartridges with ion-exchange resin (and hence, the replacement of the filter cartridge or filler 1 once in 2-3 months).

In conclusion, we should say, to choose the right method of humidifying the air, you need to clearly assign tasks and determine which room you need moisture in the first place. For the nursery, for example, recommended safe cold air humidifier, but the airing should be done only when the child is out of the room. In the other rooms well suited to the ultrasonic device if you use demineralised water (distillate), will not interfere, and a few vases.



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