Especially the ventilation in the autumn and winter

In the cold season to ensure a favorable microclimate in the room you need to solve two problems: the supply of fresh air and humidification.

1. The supply of fresh air. That autumn-winter, in the season of mass diseases and epidemics, it is necessary to regularly ventilate the room to air updated does not accumulate bacteria and viruses that enter from the street. This is especially true where children and people with weakened immune systems, as well as in public areas where there is a large number of people simultaneously.

The solution – installation in the supply or ventilation, or the organization of a regular ventilation through the transom.

If you ventilate through the window, perfect for winter – organization through airing in a few minutes at frequent intervals. This is more efficient than the open mode of micro-ventilation window. Even 2-3 minutes in the room has time to happen air, but a sharp drop in temperature will occur.

Special attention should be paid to the flow of air into the area of the body where the major amount of moisture. In every apartment is a bathroom, kitchen, and room after a long stay. In case of insufficient ventilation glass Windows would fog up, such phenomenon indicates the urgent need of air supply.

Supply ventilation system supplies fresh air with closed Windows. For this purpose in the outer wall you need to drill a hole with a diameter of 100-150 mm (this requires approval). The grille is mounted outside, inside or inside the wall – the device itself.

Advantages of ventilation:

  • the air is cleaned from harmful substances, impurities and odors before they enter the room;
  • the air is heated to a comfortable temperature;
  • the device can operate and supply air continuously in the required amount (it is adjustable);
  • the room is quiet, no noise from the street;
  • there is no breeze there is no fear of catching cold, there is no conflict "open/close the window".

  • budget device (valve) does not provide a high level of filtration and no heater; the cost of the supply device with optimal set of features in the region of 23-30 thousand.RUB. with the installation;
  • maintenance – filter replacement;
  • the unit occupies a space on the wall (most of the instrument is mounted indoors, but there are both external and built-in installation).
There is another type of devices – supply and exhaust. They are not only serving the air in the room, but also remove the "waste" air. Warm exhaust air is passed to the incoming flow, which allows to reduce expenses for heating. Such devices are optimally suited for the organization of ventilation in country houses.

2. The humidity level. In the heating season the humidity level in the room falls to a critical 15-30%. Due to the heating of cold air in a warm room, a "dry" room air. What this means:

  • dryness of mucous membranes and throat not only causes discomfort, but also increases the risk of respiratory diseases;
  • the body becomes more susceptible to microbes and viruses;
  • the skin begins to peel, with a long stay in the "dry" area, it accelerates the aging process of cells;
  • often headaches;
  • there can be problems with sleeping, since at low moisture levels harder to breathe and difficult to sleep;
  • people who are prone to suffering from bronchitis or asthma, can occur with a relapse of the disease;
  • wood (wooden furniture, parquet etc.) is cracked, deformed and prematurely collapses without enough moisture;
  • some types of houseplants can dry out.
The minimum level of humidity for comfortable living – about 50%.

To increase the humidity level in several ways:

  • install air washer or humidifier;
  • to place containers with water;
  • regularly to hang wet towels/clothes;
  • to acquire special plants.
Methods such as hanging wet fabrics and the installation of water containers do not require investing money, but they fail to raise the humidity level by several tens of percent, and they require ongoing support (to hang a new cloth, add water). Plants having the properties of moisture the air can significantly increase the humidity level if they are high and the room is full.

As for the choice between a humidifier and air unit, be aware that cleaning the air moistens and cleans the premises in a natural way, with water. Sink filled with water constantly pumping through the entire volume of air in the room, not only moisturizing, but cleansing it of harmful substances. Dust, allergens and other pollutants are deposited on the inside of the sink. The sink need to regularly fill with water and wash. The presence of filters depends on the model.

Humidifiers increase humidity by means of ultrasound. Ultrasound can give side effects such as white patches (including electronic devices that may lead to their failure), steam, moisture and the effect of the bath. In most moisturizers is recommended to use distilled water and periodically change the filters. However, the average cost of the humidifier is significantly lower than the cost of cleaning the air.

You must keep in mind the following aspect: strong air flow reduces the efficiency of the moisturizing device. It was established experimentally that the humidity level remains high when operating simultaneously at the sink and forced ventilation (uniform small tributary), and the door to the room closed. At the open window and the closed door the efficiency of the air washer is temporarily reduced, because the sink can not quickly cope with the sharp and non-uniform inflow. published




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