The air in the apartment: protect yourself from dust

Have we ever that the cause of our ailments can be our home apartment? Frequent colds, cardiovascular disease, insomnia and other ailments, all these can reward our home.

We spend indoors 90% of the time, of which a large part – in their own homes. Moreover, 20% of the compounds detected in the air of the average apartment that are dangerous to human health.

In the late 90-ies of the last century, scientists started talking about a whole complex of diseases caused by toxic microclimate of apartments, combining them under the sonorous name (syndrome areas with unhealthy climate). It was assumed that the core of the problem is poor hygienic condition of the building, in particular, poor air quality, dust, wrong temperature. "The air of city apartments is a creepy cocktail of more than 100 chemical compounds, dust, viruses and bacteria." Little encouraging information.

And, nevertheless, our body has good protection from dust particles. They stick to the mucus covering the surface of the respiratory tract, and together with the mucus moving towards the exit to the larynx. Driven by their countless cilia that lined the lining of the respiratory tract. These cilia perform a synchronous wave-like motion, bringing out all the microscopic particles inside the lungs. Expectoration expectoration and removes them. However, if the dust of the air exceeds any standards, this system is unable to cope.

And for a bit of dust.

According to the Maryland medical research laboratory (USA), which investigated house dust, found that in the apartment where no one lives, accumulate dust. So, in a tightly-locked apartment with the Windows closed for two weeks were about 12 thousand dust particles per square centimeter of the floor and horizontal surfaces of furniture. The analysis showed that 35% of the dust was mineral particles, 12% is textile and paper fibers, 19% — skin flakes, 7% of pollen, 3% of the soot particles and smoke, and the origin of 24% of the particles could not be established. These data suggest that, first, existing in the air dust particles settle very slowly and, second, that even tightly closed Windows and doors do not constitute impenetrable obstacles for dust.

What you need to take to protect your family from the harmful effects of construction dust after purchasing a new apartment?

First of all, I turned to professional builders with the question – how much time after the end of construction work in the premises is maintained construction dust and humidity? The answer was clear.

Typically, drying of walls with properly organized ventilation occurs within 2 – 3 years. Therefore, as the drying of the building in the air remains the high content of construction dust. This means that all our efforts at cleaning the rooms of the apartment and protect yourself from the dust do not bring the desired result. Of course, I mean, the reaction of the body to dust inhalation of air.

Now let's talk about the technical equipment of the apartment to eliminate the negative impacts of construction dust, can be minimized or even reduced to zero. The main thing to know how! The effects of dust on humans and protection from dust – that's what we need to know.

We learned that our first and greatest foe – dust. In fact, this set of allergens. Symptoms of allergies to house dust is similar to SARS. Is sneezing (more than 5 times in a row), runny nose, itchy eyes and throat, watery eyes. Shortness of breath, feeling of lack of oxygen can also be explained by the abundance of dust in the air of our apartment.

Since the information in this article develops in narrow way, to combat the dust of construction, we must specify that dust is a result of the drying of walls after construction of the building. The drying process is directly linked to increased humidity, which means the presence on the walls of the mold. Mold spores are found virtually in any room and can cause asthma, allergic rhinitis, cardiovascular disorders. Once in the human body mainly through the respiratory tract, mold significantly weakens the immune system.

We learned how construction dust impact on the human body, now is the time to talk about the remedies from her.

Protection against dust in your home, apartment1. The best option prior to settling into a new apartment, of course during and before the end of the repair works to install a special decentralized ventilation system to dry the walls of your rooms, simultaneous ventilation and removal of construction dust. Applying a specified ventilation, you will be able to dry the walls for 3-4 months (above it was agreed that for natural ventilation drying time after end of repair work 2-3 years).

Existing natural ventilation (bathroom, kitchen) in houses and apartments and in individual rooms can be complemented by decentralized ventilation, which is offered on the market by many manufacturers.

As an example, for intensive drying of the walls and create a healthy indoor climate, the characteristics of a widely used regenerative (energy efficient) ventilation systems of the German company "Meltem".


production capacity from 15 to 100 m3/h;

heat recovery efficiency – 76%;

power – 3.8 W to 12.5 W/h;

the minimum noise of 15.6 dB.

Ventilation control is equipped with:

– controlled level of humidity;

perfect performance governors;

– protection from freezing;

system reset of a condensate.

Positive features of the decentralized ventilation.

  • Lower costs of purchase and installation compared to centralized structures.
  • A lower level of energy consumption, allowing you to save money in the process.
  • Quality filtration system (no air duct) and therefore more clean air. For those who are prone to allergies, proposes a design using a special filter with a high level of cleaning from suspended particles of dust and pollen.
  • Quick and easy installation. The monoblock system and the lack of ducts allow to install the system in the shortest possible time and with minimal preparatory work.
  • The ease of use. Filter replacement requires no dismantling of the whole structure.
  • Powerful noise reduction system. The sound of the fan barely audible at the distance of only one meter, which enables the use of such ventilation system even in the bedrooms.
These ventilation systems can be combined with other appliances, forming a comprehensive system of "smart house". Being a part of picking a heat recuperator, they are able to perform not only a full cleaning and ventilation, but also energy-saving heating and air conditioning, ensuring minimal financial costs and a decent level of comfort.

2. After moving in, follow the humidity in the house. This must be done, even in those cases, if your apartment is equipped with ventilation equipment, controls the level of humidity. To do this, buy a special hygrometers. The optimal level of humidity is 40-60%, not higher. Regularly. Mold often appears in the bathroom. To avoid this, check the efficiency of ventilation and open for a while after bathing, be sure to wipe off the tile condensation and moisture drops.

3. Our assistant anti-dust always was and still is a cleaner.

But for effective cleaning of dust from the premises today to the vacuum cleaner puts two important requirements – the suction power and filtration system.

It is necessary to distinguish the power consumption of the vacuum cleaner and the suction power dust. Power consumption of vacuum cleaner ranges from 1300 to 2000 watts. It gives the opportunity to evaluate the vacuum cleaner from the point of view of energy consumption, i.e. it allows to estimate the electrical load on the network. It is considered that the more power, the better the vacuum cleaner collects dust. Although vacuum cleaners cleaning efficiency has no such direct dependence on the power consumption, because the efficiency is influenced by many other factors. Therefore, several vacuum cleaner with the same wattage can have different suction power.

The suction power of the cleaner can range from 250 to 480 watts. It is the suction power depends on the efficiency of cleaning, because the higher the number, the more fine dust will draw in the cleaner.

The suction power of the cleaner decreases as the filling and pollution of the dust collector. That's why it's so important to constantly monitor the cleanliness of the filtration system of the vacuum cleaner.

The best filtration system vacuum cleaner filters today

HEPA class (High Efficiency Particulate Air — i.e. "high-performance air purification") chetyrehmetrovuyu provide protection with varying degrees of effectiveness. They serve a few years. Can be disposable or reusable, which are washed with water. HEPA filters retain particles more than 0.06 microns (about 0.0006 mm). Their efficiency is not less than 99.95%.

Go back to the beginning of our story. Our conversation with the child's pediatrician regarding the recovery of the grandson over. In addition to discussing issues of harm and protect themselves from the dust, we got the following recommendation – "To totally get rid of the cough, take grandson at sea." And that's exactly right. The sea air cures many diseases and is a good prevention of SARS. We will definitely use his advice, but don't forget technically to protect your apartment from harmful effects of construction dust.



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