15 the most interesting countries for a holiday in 2017

When the resorts of Krasnodar region and Turkey's beaches are know as the native country, can finally think about vacation in a completely new place. It will not necessarily be more expensive, but more interesting — for sure.

We studied the statistics of flights from Russia and found out which countries most of all has grown in popularity since last year. See where the rest of savvy travelers and get inspired by fresh ideas for your next vacation.


Judge not by size: tiny Slovakia has something to surprise visitors, even if we leave aside the elegant Bratislava with its old streets and the Danube landscapes. For a vacation in this affordable country you will see the world's largest wooden altar in the Church of St. James, the highest point of the Carpathians — Gerlach-Peak, the largest Central European castle — Spissky Hrad and the only European geyser winter — Garlinski source in the vicinity of košice.

Go in the winter — get up to ski in the Tatra mountains, in summer — walk in the "Slovak Paradise" among the waterfalls and caves. And to an unexpected experience of Slovakia settled better varnish them Chir milk soup with noodles and cheese, liverwurst sausages as the tatranski eternize and smoked cheese ostiepok.



Photo: MohammadReza Domiri Ganji, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Close and clear Turkey is not the only window in the Eastern tale. If you want a real journey in time and space, grab cheap airline tickets to Iran and onto the Persian carpet.

Iran has cast a spell at a glance: luxury the Shah's Golestan Palace, the ancient will Persepolis, magic bridges and mosques of Isfahan, the magnificent mountain range of El'burs, and sweet baklava and juicy kebabs. Coming from Iran — remember how at summer camp at night telling neighbors horror: stories you'll bring not terrible, but beautiful and mysterious, but friends will listen to you with the same childlike enthusiasm.



In Georgia is good year round. In frames of the spring greens and bright colors of ancient monasteries and cave towns of Georgia is particularly beautiful: even skeptics will find something to complain about, and then love life. Summer is great to relax on the pebbly beach in Batumi or magnetic Sands of the Ureki, and Snorkelling at Cape Mtsvane konts'khi and breathing the scent of sea and pine trees. The autumn is coming persimmons and juicy young wine, and in winter in Gudauri and Svaneti you plenty of knurled skiing and snowboarding.

In Tbilisi guests are always welcome: when you come, are a wonderful company to relax in the sulfur baths and exercise in eloquence at the local feasts. Yes, you will gain a few pounds at the local khinkali and khachapuri, but no, you will not regret it.



Sometimes, to repaint the black strip of a life in white and see the world in pink, you have to surprise yourself and fall off to Africa. A great option for a first trip to this exotic continent — Tanzania. In this country you are waiting for the stunning volcano of Kilimanjaro, the vast Ngorongoro crater with a lake at the bottom of the Flamingo resort island of Zanzibar and the amazing Serengeti Park.

Go on a real African Safari: the best places for game viewing for elephants, antelopes, lions and leopards — national parks of Katavi and Ruaha. Look into Africa's largest reserve the Selous game reserve is the southernmost point in the world where giraffes Masai. Spend a couple of days in villages on the shores of the gigantic lake Tanganyika: let a local teach you to fish. And if you want to push the boat out, stay in a glamping Elewana Collection, where you will have a luxurious tent with carpets, silk linen, personal chef and fabulous views of the Savannah.



In Azerbaijan do not need a visa to fly nearby, the prices are low. In addition, when many in the country speak Russian, it's very easy to feel at home and yet abroad of their everyday life.

To light will help the night lights of Baku and cocktails in the panoramic restaurant, the 360 Bar, Hilton Baku with views of the Bay of Baku and the flame towers. Near the capital — the Zoroastrian fire Temple and Yanar Dag burning rock: turn around one day and bright impressions will last for a week. To take oil bath, to try all the sweets on the market in Sheki, solve charades cave of Gobustan, to make selfi on the background of the huge carpet — a list of classroom activities in Azerbaijan are endless.



Open the map of the Philippines, tyknite at random and still goes to the island with the white beaches, where all day you can see nobody. Islands in the Philippines more than seven thousand, and all with pictures. Most popular in category "Beach idyll" — the island of Cebu, Boracay and Palawan and divers will appreciate the coral the Tubbataha reefs are and APO. Dive with whale sharks in the Philippines can be in two places — in the village of Donsol in southern Luzon or near the town of Oslob, South of Cebu.

To plunge into the sweet world of cheap shopping, tourists come to Manila. But in the Philippine capital of interest not only to go shopping. Take a ride through the old quarter of the city to Intramuros in calese, drawn by horses, and try the chicken legs, which is why it is called "Adidas". And then jump in bright van-jeepney — they are in the Philippines instead of the bus and go to watch the sunset over Manila Bay.


New Zealand

When you think of New Zealand, are emerald meadows, pastoral cows... and then the thought slips into tolkienesque middle-earth. Hobbiton new Zealand Matamata left untouched since filming the trilogy "the Lord of the rings", but the country is already epic.

New Zealand must get up to Cape Reinga, near which the blue of the Tasman sea merges with the dark waters of the Pacific ocean. Great to see the Milford Sound, which Rudyard Kipling called the eighth wonder of the world, take pictures of sperm whales and yellow-eyed penguins, and to visit the fantastic glacier and Franz Josef. Want to relax — welcome to the geothermal resort of Rotorua. Before water from local sources Maori treated wounds after the hunt.



Moldovan wine — a brand that is known worldwide: the vintage bottle of the 1990 harvest at the winery "Purcari" often orders the Queen of great Britain. Private wine farms in Moldova you will be traveling on the backdrop of intoxicating landscapes. Also you will enjoy the ancient monasteries and the Museum "Old Orhei" with the ruins of a fortress, cave monastery and medieval entertainment like rides in the cart.

Welcome Moldavians will teach you how to dance Joc and seated at a lavish table, where you will taste milk soup syrbushka, Hominy with sheep cheese marinated in honey and pepper gogoshary Moldovan cabbage rolls sarmale. Every second Sunday of October, Moldova celebrates the national wine day: learn how local grapes are harvested, they turn it into sweet wine and carved jugs and barrels.



Take a dip in the harbour of Aphrodite near Paphos, visit all the ancient ruins of Limassol, dance at the beach party Nissi beach in Ayia NAPA, to play backgammon with the locals in a tiny, kafenio and taste the Royal wine "Commandaria" — all this and much more you can get done in two weeks in Sunny Cyprus.

Stroll through the "labyrinth of the Minotaur" in the blooming Botanical gardens Cyherbia, look in the quarter-the Ghost of Varosha in Famagusta, dive to a sunken ship off the coast of Larnaca and enjoy a day without a clock and phone on the secluded beach of Konnos Bay. Cyprus knows how to enjoy life without hurry will teach you.



The advantages of Bulgaria can be transferred to the morning. The weather is amazing and nature is even better. The architecture is stunning — from the ancient amphitheatre in Plovdiv, and the megaliths of Perperikon to the churches of Nessebar and the House-snail in Sofia. And the kitchen Bulgarians such that the supplements, while I can speak.

A trip to the "Bulgarian Jerusalem" — the Rila monastery, choose your favorite of the Seven lakes, and sign flippers on the plane at a depth of 22 meters. If you are more interested in a holiday by the sea, excellent beaches here so much that we've written about them separately.



At home Rumba and Mojito doesn't matter with the Internet. The better: nothing will prevent bask lazily in the sun, dissect along the Atlantic ocean on the retro cars crazy colors and unravel the magic of Cuban rum and cigars.

Cuba's great to walk among the caves and hills-"mogote" in viñales Valley, snorkeling at the Islands of Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo and the rest of his life in the resort of Varadero. To visit the estate of Hemingway in San Francisco de Paula and clink with Pope ham at his favorite Havana bar, El Floridita.



Photo: MEDIACRAT, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Acquaintance with Armenia, it is logical to start with Yerevan. Definitely appreciate the spectacular art Park Grand Cascade, find wonder in the market "Vernissage", navodite for instagram singing fountains and go on a tour of brandy factory "Ararat".

"Drink the brandy and don't give up" — under this motto you can spend your entire vacation in Armenia. There are too many beautiful temples and churches, but don't give up: just look at Khor Virap monastery overlooking mount Ararat, cave monasteries in Geghard and the ancient pagan temple of Garni. There are a lot of water attractions, but you don't give up: take a drive to lake Sevan, or relax in the mineral Jermuk. In Armenia are not allowed to leave the table until you add size in clothes, but you don't give up: try each time something new to the end of the journey to distinguish ccuc from the hash, and Gata from barrica.


South Korea

In South Korea you can in anything does not deny: throw a dirty dancing festival in taisen-ri, drop in the bosom of a volcano on Jeju island resort, visit the erotic Park Hesinde and peeped binoculars for the people of North Korea.

If you want a relaxing holiday, go to the Buddhist temples at any point of Korea, a shopping tour in Seoul, or the beaches Jaunde and gwangalli in Busan, where in the summer I love to relax themselves Koreans.



Canada is the second largest country in the world: imagine how many interesting places? What needs to be done in Canada be sure is to see Niagara falls from the best side to climb to the 553-meter tower CN Tower in Toronto, to test the strength of trekking shoes in Banff National Park and drive along a scenic road on the Cabot Trail.

In winter, the Canadians compete in ski and skating races and admire ice sculptures in the large-scale festival, Winterlude in Ottawa, and in mid-summer fun at cowboy Calgary Stampede parade. In the spring to go see the dinosaurs, about 200 km from calgary. And if going to Canada in the fall, get to the town of Churchill, where polar bears live.



The country with the year title at the light is hot all year round. In Panama two seasons: the dry lasts from late December to April and wet from may to December. The temperature of the air is always +30 °C. during the rainy season, the refreshing showers are usually in the evenings. And in the afternoon you can sunbathe and swim: in the Caribbean, you want — in the Pacific ocean.


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Panama is a famous resort for surfers Morro Negrito. The most popular Caribbean dive spots in Panama — the Islands of Bocas del Toro, where they filmed the reality show "survivor," and the archipelago of San Blas, inhabited by the Kuna Indians. From the Pacific side to dive interesting near the island of Taboga near Panama city or the National Park Coiba. By the way, Panama is almost a third of the natural parks and there are almost a thousand species of birds in this country appreciate bird-watchers from around the world.published


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