Since ancient times, ruled only four flavors

Since ancient times, ruled only four tastes: sweet, sour, salty and bitter. But at the end of the 1800 European chef and a Japanese chemist opened the fifth taste - minds that abundantly present in the richness of the meat broth and dashi (Japanese broth). Although the public called the taste of pure imagination, a hundred years later minds yet formally introduced in a flavored registry.
The word umami is translated as "spicy" and its taste is described as "meat" or "spicy."
Savory umami named because of the content of sodium glutamate and other amino acids, which are found in some foods (due to the fact that human language is L-glutamate receptors, scientists believe the minds separate from salty taste). While umami that is often associated with soy sauce and bacon as flavor that occurs in natural products. Enhance the taste of umami any cooking methods, including fermentation, pickling and any thermal methods.
We bring you the products where there minds, which enhances the palatability of any food you wish to cook. Any of these sauces produced by fermentation, even give a simple and familiar dishes more spicy and refined taste. These sauces are a great addition to rice, meat dishes and vegetables. You can try to surprise everyone a sweet caramel sauce for dessert miso.

Kombu (or dried seaweed) give risotto, stew or bean brand new, unforgettable taste. Unique minds of Japanese food does not get without kombu - it is considered "secret" Japanese component (eg, tempura seaweed).

Delicate, slightly nutty, salty taste Parmesan cheese adds a subtle dishes and spicy taste. You can add a taste of umami in guacamole or cook creamy soup with parmesan.

Use the fish sauce of anchovies to make a variety of dishes taste umami (eg, vegetable salad).

The taste is also present in the minds of heat-treated meat - pork, beef meat and shellfish. Sandwiches with shrimp and chorizo, ribs in honey sauce, stuffed cabbage - here expanse culinary imagination has no boundaries.

If you're a fan of "Bloody Mary", then blame minds. Tomatoes contain the largest number of monosodium glutamate among all vegetables. A sun-dried tomatoes, which is particularly clearly minds, always will make a pleasant variety to the already jaded dishes.

Mushrooms, especially dried shiitake have a high concentration of minds. Shiitake can be eaten fresh, but you can fry, marinate or cook of them French bourguignon.

Perhaps you did not know, but glutamate in green tea is present in large quantities. Green tea can be the basis for preparation of various desserts (eg, almond cookies, ice cream, cakes).



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