10 most bizarre dishes that can be found in restaurants

Servile eyes and fried pauki

Once delicacies for us even had pizza and rolls, and now they can enjoy almost every corner, and even just to cook at home. Therefore, we decided for a change for you to choose 10 most bizarre delicacies that can be found in restaurants, all of a sudden someone wants to try.

1. Sandwich with grilled mozgami

This dish is easy to establish itself on the top line of our list. It is believed that it is home to Indiana, USA, since arrived there early Dutch and German settlers.

Initially, this delicacy prepared from bovine brain. Nowadays, because of the mad cow restaurants have replaced cow brains on pork. Just like any other burger at your nearest fast food restaurant, sandwich with fried brains served on a bun, and it placed pickled cucumbers, onions, mustard and ketchup.

2. Oysters Rockies (bull testicles) 20,587,766

Also known as calf potatoes, prairie oysters, cowboy caviar and fillet of Montana, is a Western dish definitely one of the strangest in our list.

What exactly is the rocky mountain oysters? Well, it's not for the faint of heart. Oysters rocky mountains - it's really a young bull testicles, are removed to the bull was less aggressive and grew more bold.

The testicles are removed in the process of branding a calf. Then they are soaked in a bucket of water, then washed and cleaned, and then fried in batter.

It is not enough that you just read? You may be shocked when you learn that this dish is considered a delicacy in some parts of the American West and Western Canada, dominated by cattle breeding, are organized festivals, which is well-known dish is prepared in various ways.

3. Hash (cow leg, head and stomach) 75,708,926

This is a traditional Middle Eastern dish was once considered a delicacy, and they could only enjoy the rich people in the winter. It includes the cow's head, leg and stomach.

These pieces are cooked in fat, awful smelling and looked like a soup broth. After boiling, they are highly seasoned with an assortment of local spices, lemon, salt, pepper and garlic.

Hush - it's not what you eat constantly. Typically, restaurants cook this dish only to parties or celebrations.

4. A-Ping (fried tarantula) 72,287,666

The next time you feel the spirit of adventure, while in Cambodia, you will have to try and ping - fried spider.

Unlike other dishes from our list and ping never been a delicacy. Instead, it was a common dish in the 1960s, when the Khmer Rouge emptied Cambodia. During this time, the food lacked, so people had to become more creative in order to survive, and therefore was established as ping.

Now a-ping - a popular dish sold on the street, which pleasure is not worth almost nothing. The usual recipe: dead, specially selected spiders crumble in a mixture of sugar and salt with the addition of monosodium glutamate, and then fried in garlic butter until crisp.

Taste as many ping-described as rather soft, but with a firm and crisp. Extreme lovers a-ping believes that the best part of it - it's belly, brown paste containing excrement, eggs and organs spider. All together!

5. Haggis

The national Scottish dish haggis is technically a sausage, but its ingredients will stop you on the road. This large spherical sausage made of sheep's lungs, heart and liver mixed with oatmeal and beef and heavily spiced. But that's not all: the mixture is placed in a sheep's stomach and boiled for a while.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to enjoy the Scottish haggis restaurant, be prepared for some pomp and ceremony. Sometimes haggis is presented to your table to the accompaniment of bagpipers. It is also the custom before diving into eating this dish, you need to make a toast and enjoy a glass of whiskey.

6. Fish Yin-yan

Fish Yin-Yang, also known as a live-or-dead fish - is roasted alive carp, with fry it must be so on the plate he was prepared, but still breathing. This is the most controversial dish in our list, because many condemn the practice as an unnecessary cruelty. Learn how this dish is prepared, and that the buyer can see while eating a fish opens and closes his mouth, catching air, we have to accept.

You can spend a long time before you find a restaurant where you cook carp so. This dish is banned in restaurants in Taiwan, although the menus of some unscrupulous eateries in China it is still there.

7. Eyes tuntsa

This is definitely the worst food in appearance. While the other items on our list anyway hide nasty ingredients, this dish consists of undamaged eyeballs tuna and definitely not suitable for people with a weak stomach.

You can easily find eye tuna in conventional grocery stores in China and Japan. If you see one huge eye surrounded by fat and meat, you find what you were looking.

The restaurants dish is prepared by cooking and seasoning whole eye. Fans rave eye tuna them and compare them to the texture and taste of squid. In fact, many say that the fish meat and fat surrounding the eye, is the most delicious part of the meal. Well, let's just take them at their word!

8. Eggs eskamola

This supposedly is the main tasty dish in many Mexican restaurants. Essentially, this ant larvae collected from the roots of the agave. Usually, the taste and texture compared with cottage cheese.

It should be noted that the insect eggs are not so terrible to look at. In fact, these eggs bright colors reminiscent of pine nuts or grains of corn. Taste should be quite good, but the texture resembles a poppy, combined with nutty aftertaste.

This dish can be prepared in many ways - fried, or served as a side dish to the omelettes and tacos.

9. soup bird gnёzd

Asian delicacy. For a bird's nest soup is taken nest swiftlets (which can be located or bird chicks) and fried whole. After the appearance of brown nest is put in the chicken broth.

Enjoying this soup implies that you have to swallow a large number of bird saliva that swiftlets used as adhesive for nest.

10. Krevetki

This Chinese delicacy came to our list, because it requires you to eat a live shrimp.

Shrimp - a live shrimp, paralyzed by a mixture of liqueurs, making them easy to eat alive. Not bad, right?

While prescription to stun shrimp should be used only Chinese liquor baijiu, some people first liqueur poured over the shrimp, then cook them instead of feeding live. Other first cooked shrimp, and then marinate them liqueur.

Many people liken the taste of this dish is the usual shrimp, but with more rough, rich taste and strong aftertaste.

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