In South Africa, there is a strange subculture of burning money - izhikotan

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Izhikotan that loosely translates as "grab it" - a South African youth subculture, following which young people are dressed in designer clothes, which can hardly afford. They come in a public space on minivans and organize competitions against rival teams.

"To be izhikotan, you have to be like us. Buy expensive clothes, booze, girls, Bodi car, spend money. And when you're dressed in Italian clothes, it shows that you're smart, "- says one of the team members. In a nation where almost 50% of young people are unemployed, this extravagant behavior is quite amazing. Most izhikotan live on a modest salary of his middle-class parents.

There is also a huge gap between the young generation of their parents. Most izhikotan belong to a generation that grew up after the end of white minority population, in contrast to their parents. Some use this extravagance, to escape from their poverty, for others it is a culture of chic.


Many parents are actually happy that their children did not join the criminal gangs, so they do not mind sharing a certain amount of cash. But some of them just do not understand the strange behavior of children.


Izhikotan common in several areas of cities like Johannesburg. Members teams usually from 12 to 25 years, and they belong to the Black community of the middle class. They do not resort to violence, their only oddity - a willingness to take extreme measures to show that you are richer than others. Sometimes they get so mad that divide their mobile phones in front of everyone. The more expensive item you break, the more respect you get peers.

A feeling that izhikotan hyperreality created for himself in order to escape from the pressures of real life. Now his followers are locked in their own creation and have no idea how to get out.



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