Unusual delicacies from living beings

Nearing the time for vacations, many will fly to rest in exotic countries, and certainly try the local cuisine.
Not to be in a difficult situation and do not eat any living creature, we'll show you some interesting dishes, in which there is livestock.

1. Sannakji.

Fairly well-known and widespread dish in Korea. Its main component - a small octopus, which serves more alive, season with sesame oil and sesame seeds. They are served all or svezheotrezannye tentacles. Home "trick" of this dish is that when you start to eat for tentacles continue to squirm. By the way, there is a risk that the suction cups on the tentacles stick to the throat chewing.

2. Sea urchins.

In Italy, local residents often find themselves caught sea urchins and immediately use them for food. Since the edible part is inside, hedgehogs opened with special tools or normal scissors. Eat delicious delicacy spoon, or just licking the inside of the language.

3. Odori Ebi - a sashimi small live shrimp. Japanese delicacy.

In arthropods shell removed, sometimes along with the head. Then they quickly fried and served with a special sauce. The restaurants are one of the most expensive dishes. So how to cook shrimp, so they stay alive, not everyone can cook.

4. Drunken Shrimp - Chinese delicacy.

Very similar to the Japanese sashimi "odori ebi". But here are only used for the preparation of adults served swimming in vysokogradusnom beverage «Baijiu» .In dish shrimp are very active - moving, jumping and even try to escape. Gourmet task - quickly catch escaping delicacy and swallow, chew thoroughly. If the process of chewing was not enough quality, delicacy continue to move inside.

5. Salad of ants.

Can be enjoyed in the restaurant chain «Noma», scattered around the world. In just three hundred dollars you can enjoy chilled salad of live ants. Lovers of the exotic argue that dish tastes like lemon.

6. Cheese Kazu IRPA came from Sardinia.

Cheese made from sheep's milk infused to the stage of decomposition and cheese fly larvae populated. They eat cheese, making it soft and less fat.

7. Sashimi frog.

Animal gutted and butchered in the form provided by the customer. In this case, the heart of the frog must necessarily more beating. Some restaurants offer to watch the chefs preparing meals.

8. Ikizukuri.

This is one of the types of sashimi fish. Elite Japanese dish. In restaurants where they cook a delicacy worth a large aquarium with different fish species. The client chooses a favorite rybёshku, and in seconds she gutted and beautifully SPLIT appears on his desk. Despite all the previous procedure, fish remains alive. Her heart is beating, and it opens and closes the mouth.

9. "Yin and Yang".

Many people are familiar with this concept. But in our case we are talking about living and dead fish. For the preparation of this dish is the fish gently fried in deep fat, without damaging internal organs. Thus, the fish is still alive even after half an hour of cooking. This delicacy, though a lot of controversy, but remains quite popular for more than a year in expensive restaurants.

10. Oysters.

Many people do not realize that oysters are always served alive. After the death of their taste dramatically and rapidly deteriorates. Oysters die only when we separate them from the shell and send it into his mouth.

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