Unusual delicacies from living beings

Nearing the time for vacations, many will fly to rest in exotic countries, and certainly try the local cuisine.
Not to be in a difficult situation and do not eat any living creature, we'll show you some interesting dishes, in which there is livestock.

1. Sannakji.

Fairly well-known and widespread dish in Korea. Its main component - a small octopus, which serves more alive, season with sesame oil and sesame seeds. They are served all or svezheotrezannye tentacles. Home "trick" of this dish is that when you start to eat for tentacles continue to squirm. By the way, there is a risk that the suction cups on the tentacles stick to the throat chewing.

2. Sea urchins.

In Italy, local residents often find themselves caught sea urchins and immediately use them for food. Since the edible part is inside, hedgehogs opened with special tools or normal scissors. Eat delicious delicacy spoon, or just licking the inside of the language.

3. Odori Ebi - a sashimi small live shrimp. Japanese delicacy.

In arthropods shell removed, sometimes along with the head. Then they quickly fried and served with a special sauce. The restaurants are one of the most expensive dishes. So how to cook shrimp, so they stay alive, not everyone can cook.

4. Drunken Shrimp - Chinese delicacy.


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