Czech snacks

Sausage on the grill
For this snack you will meet more often in places outdoors than in restaurants. This dish Czechs borrowed from neighbors of the Germans, and it quickly became very popular snack to beer, especially in tents quick meal and at various festivals, fairs and other outdoor activities. Sausages are of different types of meat: beef, pork, lamb and poultry. Served, usually with mustard, horseradish and black bread.

Devilish toast
Devil's toast - a designation for the toasted bread slices, grated garlic, spicy meat mixture and sprinkle with cheese. Recipes mixture itself differently in each institution, but most often it consists of ground beef or chicken, tomato sauce, vegetables and hot chili.

Marinated Hermelin
In the past few years has become one of the most popular in the Czech Republic, this appetizer perfectly with beer. "Hermelin" Czech version of Camembert (French cream cheese with white mold), cut into two pieces, stuffed with herbs and Marin ("matures") in butter with onions, peppers and other additives. There is a huge variety of recipes, even held competitions for the best pickled Hermelin, but most of the cheese will be served with spicy pepper paste inside, on a plate with onions, hot red peppers and black bread. In Prague, a great Hermelin served in bars and HT4 U vystřelenýho oka.

Pechenach - another appetizer of marinated fish. For this dish can be used almost any fish. Most often it is the carp, herring or mackerel. Unlike zavinachey fish before seaming fried in flour, which gives a more delicate flavor snack. After frying the fish is cooled and placed in jars with brine, vegetables and spices, which is only limited set of visionary chefs. In the classic version pechenachi marinated with vinegar, onions, carrots, black pepper, bay leaf and cloves. It happens that the Czechs prepared so not only fish, but also other products such as mushrooms, vegetables or meat. Pechenachi also widely sold in stores in the form of canned food.

Spreads with cracklings
In the Czech cuisine is very common variety Spreads, the so-called pomazanki, but mostly in pubs and restaurants you will encounter is the embodiment with cracklings. The basis of such pastes are crushed cracklings, added to them boiled egg, onion, pepper, mustard, and sometimes pickled cucumbers or peppers. Served with fresh black bread.

Beer cheese, and the Olomouc romadur tvaruzhki
All this different kind of spicy Czech cheese having ambiguous strong aroma. Many will say that the smell of the cheese rather unpleasant than the "ambiguous", but we encourage our readers to try and understand ourselves, the more this snack wonderfully combined with beer. In addition, these cheeses are often used in cooking Spreads and hot dishes, where their sharp flavor softens and piquant taste is revealed in a new way.

Thalia - meat dish of veal and pork bacon in the form of sausages. Sometimes allowed to use beef and pork. Half the meat finely chopped, half cut into medium-sized pieces, and then the whole mixture is seasoned with pepper, thyme, coriander and other spices and cooked in beef intestine simmered. Served often with horseradish sauce. Today, unfortunately, not every restaurant will offer you this dish. However, for example in Prague, you can try it in places Čestr, Lokál, Karlínská Pivnice or in some butchers.

Steak tartare
Another delicacy, inspired by French cuisine and has become very popular in the Czech Republic in recent years, can serve as an appetizer, and a separate dish. Tartare - a minced raw meat, usually made from good beef tenderloin, served with a raw egg yolk, onions, garlic croutons and a wide variety of additives (of various kinds of pepper, mustard and ketchup to capers, anchovies and cognac). In some restaurants Tartare served already mixed with spices, so if you want to knead your own steak, should advance to ask the waiter. This dish is probably causing mistrust among Russian tourists, certainly is one of the most delicious snacks for beer and deserves to be tried. Also, sometimes you may encounter in restaurants with Tartare of salmon or cheese.

This dish can remind us of jelly, but rather - jellied meat or brawn. Tlachenka traditionally made from pork, meat, bacon, languages, and other offal mozgoviny. There are recipes for poultry and other meats. To the meat mixture add seasonings, then it is cooked in a meat broth, and then cooled in a special sleeve. Served cold with vinegar, onion and black bread.

No wonder they say that the Czechs marinate almost everything. Wieners - is no exception. Drowned - a sausage, pickled vegetables (onions, peppers, cucumber, cabbage) in sweet and sour brine. Served just with vegetables and black bread.

Zavinach - Rolled pickled / salted herring with vegetables (cucumber, cabbage, onions, carrots). What the Russian people used to have a snack vodka, Czechs happily consumed as beer and wine. Fish should first soak in brine with vinegar, then it is purified, and of the resulting fillets cooked rolls are placed in jars with brine, onions and spices. Zavinachi can taste not only in restaurants but also in stores in the form of canned food.



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