Gazebo made of polycarbonate— durable cozy house with his own hands



Our dreams of him starting with the arrival of the slush and bad weather and acquire amazing fantasy in the winter. And in the spring in time with the murmur of streams sweetly singing soul: "soon, very Soon!" And a sigh of relief: wait, it's summer! Unfortunately, it always ends quickly. Extend summer vacation, arrange a quiet life "on the street". Country idyll: a cozy gazebo, a slow friendly conversation, loud raindrops on the roof and the air is fragrant, delicious, intoxicating – in a word, summer will become a reality, even if the purchase of a beautiful building is not included in your current plans. Create original gazebo polycarbonate with their hands, with a good theoretical preparation is quick and easy.

What will please polycarbonate construction For construction of gazebo made of polycarbonate for the right reasons:

  • low cost materials;
  • the possibility of self-construction without assistance and special equipment;
  • the uniqueness, size, design, color you will choose for yourself;
  • the ease of construction, allowing use under a gazebo any area of the site;
  • strength and durability;
  • reliable protection from the weather.

In a cozy alcove of the tea will be sweeter conversations – warmer, and laughter, fervently

A good project is a guarantee of success Before building up in your head needs to have a clear plan of action, and on paper – a drawing of future construction. Define the basic parameters of the gazebo.

  • The degree of openness. In a chill breeze building a nice stand the heat, but in bad weather it is filled showers. Tightly-sealed house saves you from mosquitoes and cool, but not attractive in the heat. A compromise option would be a gazebo with wide doors and vents.
  • Size.
  • Form – remember geometric shapes, for imagination is not limited.
  • Materials. Frame made of wood does not always withstand the snow cap, is rotting under the rains and is short-lived, but in harmony with the country from this natural material. The metal base is stronger, more durable and more expensive.

The flexibility of the material allows you to create a design of any shape

Where to build a gazebo In the new house you are going to spend a lot of time, so to provide comfort should the structure itself, the place where it is located, and the path to it. The closer to home you place the gazebo, the more often you look at it. In the rains the building has not drowned in the puddles, and you had to reach by swimming, avoid lowlands, select a dry flat location with no near the water table. Nearby trees make leaves and shade on Sunny days.

The place for construction choose dry and smooth, you can build it near the house

The construction of gazebos: suggest professional builders Training tools For the upcoming place of work equipment you need and the materials to bring in advance. The process will go faster, if not to distract on trifles. Need not so much:

  • shovel;
  • hacksaw;
  • drill;
  • hammer;
  • screwdriver;
  • screws, bolts, etc.;
  • wood or metal supports;
  • cement and bricks for the Foundation.
How to make a Foundation If your building is striking in scale and blends with polycarbonate, a massive materials (brick, metal), I advise you to work hard and set up for a solid building a solid platform. Conventional lightweight design will remain on the support tubes.

  • Mark the points of installation of pillars and dig a well. Correctly calculate their depth: inside the house two bricks, and they will have 10 cm of soil.
  • Lay the bricks in the cavity.
  • Horizontally set poles in the center.
  • Fill in holes cement mortar.
  • Let it dry for a few days, better a week.
  • Pour the dried solution was ground.
Fixing of frame Work will not be easy, and it can be carried out in two ways: ready to assemble frame on the ground, and then pin it to the design, or to steadily build up the skeleton of the building, adding the details. In the first case, you can not do without an assistant, methodical step by step installation possible alone.

Gazebo with metal frame reliable, sturdy and durable

Wooden base is collected with the help of nails and screws, and the metal skeleton bolt. If you are already engaged in welding works, as time and desire allow you to resume them, for greater strength weld frame seams.

How to install the roof of Your goal – building a reliable gazebo that protects from the weather. Therefore, the main requirement for roof – strength integrity. Rain drops, sleet and snow will move down across the surface down and will not destroy the building, if you set the tip of the slanted house.

Lay a sheet of material and watertite it details. Carefully cut them with a hacksaw – problems usually arise, polycarbonate is easily sharp blades. To the connection of the roof to the frame were tight beforehand, do a small hole for the screws.

The roof should be sloped and sealed to keep the rain and snow got inside

Gather design with a prepared sealing strips. If possible, lay the site of attachment of the rubber washers. Using this process, screws or nails will inevitably lead to cracks in the polycarbonate. Subsequently, they spread to the whole roof, it will start to flow and you will think about its replacement.

In the described manner are generated and sidewalls of the garden building.

Take care of the furniture Gazebo – a single, monolithic structure, fragmented the furniture is not well suited to the purposes of its creation and does not match the size. Consider the location of sofas and tables and be sure to thoroughly secure them. Usually furniture is made of wood, suitable timber, edged and unedged boards. To the floor and the side surfaces of the part are bolted by means of screws. Don't want to splinter the hand pre-grind the material with sandpaper. To protect from rotting, treat with an antiseptic solution, a touch of chic add Polish.

Benches in the gazebo prikruchivayte to the floor and walls

Such parameters benches to ensure a comfortable stay

Proper care of "house" the content of the gazebos clean is not difficult. Dust with a wet cloth, rinse the dirt with warm water, activate from a hose. Not arm beautiful bottles of bath and kitchen: polycarbonate not terribly fond of alkali, chlorine, salt, and abrasives. Material prefers the lather – it, unlike chemicals, does not destroy its UV protection, scratch the surface and shortens life.

Wonderful construction ready. In a clever creation is a piece of your soul, because you love worked for the good of the family. Cozy cottage tea will be sweeter conversations – warmer, and laughter fervently as you wished. Pleasant evenings in the new gazebo!




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