10 simple rules for women, training for result

Transformation of shapes has never been easy. And for women this is particularly difficult given the large amount of ridiculous misinformation about how they need to train and eat. I think this needs to end. This article provides simple rules for women who want to change their body for the better, whether it's burning fat, building muscle to improve shape or simply to increase strength.


In addition, we will debunk the myths and stereotypes hindering your training progress and it also includes 10 recommendations, which will maximize the training results.

1. Do focus on training with weights

No matter what your goal is: weight loss, attractive body shape or improve health, training with weights is mandatory.

In any case do not believe the myths about how to get the slender figure you need to perform the workout or to train in a special "gyrosigma" area. In the fat loss slow boring aerobics gives almost no results, and to build muscle generally useless.

The only methods of activation of muscle growth in order to accelerate the natural calorie burning are weight training and sprints.

More muscle mass means faster metabolism. In addition, it will also allow you to more robust and lean legs, abdomen and buttocks. Thus, no matter what your goal, whether it be athletic or simply a trim figure, you should start with weights.

2. Master the "big" exercises

For most women who want to enroll in the gym one of the biggest obstacles is not knowing how to perform these "big" exercises like squats, dead pull and thrust in the slope with free weights.

Ladies, this is not your fault. Men, too, initially did not know, and by the way, it is very noticeable when you already know what you're doing.

Training with weights is a skill which requires development. And the development of large exercise worth the effort, because data movement can provide a significant improvement in body composition. And this in turn means that the training will take much less time.

In addition, to perform such exercises is much nicer than otnositelnye movements or exercises.

How to master the correct technique?

First, the most effective option is training by an experienced coach.

Second, there are some basic things you need to remember when performing any exercise:

— When practicing, hold the power and direct the position of the upper back, while the lower part allows a natural bend.

Never Kruglaya back and don't let the belly SAG. Engage the abdominal muscles of the abdomen to stabilize the body.

— Keep the chest expanded, the shoulders drawn back and head straight in one plane with the body.

— Focus on natural movement patterns, move like a child, because children know how to squat, jump, twist, do lunges, squeeze and throw with a natural ease.

3: For fat loss use basically sprints – forget about traditional aerobic training

The implementation of aerobics with the goal of weight reduction has several major problems:

First, to burn the same amount of calories with aerobics require twice as much training time than in the case of the sprints.

Second, aerobic training is not conducive to building lean muscle mass (and in the long term may even cause its loss). Besides, aerobics also does not give any special post-workout enhance metabolism, whereas interval training, such as sprints and weight training speeds up the burning of calories for 24 hours after the session.

Finally, aerobics causes an increase of the stress hormone cortisol, which leads to deterioration in body composition, whereas sprint promote a predominantly anabolic hormones that build muscle and burn fat.

In this regard, training your first priority should be weight training, followed by some interval training such as sprints, exercise "strong man" such as pushing a weighted sled or circular session with the weights where there are no gaps of rest between sets.

Meanwhile, this does not mean that you cannot run, walk or ride a bike for fun. Just don't try to use aerobics to solve problems with their body.

4: Learn to understand how women's metabolism differs from men's

We have to admit that when it comes to fat burning and building muscles, women are at a disadvantage, because the vast majority of the available recommendations based on the results of scientific studies involving only men. By the way, for women it's a huge problem with unprecedented consequences.

Detail studying of different scientific work, we can get hints on how to train women.

First, women need the training, as it allows to increase the use of subcutaneous fat by the body for energy.

Second, at rest women burn more glucose (the source of which are carbohydrates) than men (who burn more fat), however, during exercise fat burning they have much expression than men.

Thus, no matter what you are trying to burn fat or just improve overall health, exercise is necessary in order to improve the use of subcutaneous fat by the body for energy, is a term known as metabolic flexibility – because this in turn will improve control of blood sugar and facilitate fat loss.

Thirdly, as testimony has shown, effectiveness in burning fat as a result of running a slightly longer sprint sessions in trained women than in men.

Scientists believe that this effect may be due to the fact that the female body relies more on aerobic energy mechanisms, resulting in depleting ATP more slowly than men's.

Thus, women should use longer intervals with a more moderate intensity than men. For example, 1-2-minute intervals with 80-90% intensity and ratio of work to rest – 2:1 or 3:1.

5: Learn to understand the difference between male and female recovery – use over short periods of rest

Due to the presence of the above-mentioned metabolic differences, women recover faster even when performing strength training.

For example, in one study involving men and women compared the effects of 1-, 2 - and 3-minute rest intervals during exercise the upper body using 10-re-sets. In the end, it was discovered that regardless of rest periods, women were able to perform more repetitions than men.

In this regard, it is clear that women should not rely on programs designed for men. Don't be afraid to experiment with shorter periods of rest between sets, especially if you can't obtain the desired results.

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that there is some evidence that untrained women recover more slowly than men, so they may need longer rest intervals until, until you have reached the base levels of strength and aerobic fitness.

6: avoid anything that causes excessive stress: diet, aerobics and mental overstrain

In the female body long-term stress is particularly negative, as it can cause hormonal imbalance. It is also worth noting that studies show that men are a combination of aerobic exercise with diet allows you to burn more subcutaneous fat than women, whose results in this case, as a rule, are quite weak.

In addition, experience shows that when women reduce the overall calorie and at the same time train intensively, for example by undertaking sprints, they have a problem with fat loss, especially in the long term.

A huge physical stress as a result of exercise and low calorie intake increases cortisol levels. However, this increase occurs by progesterone, which is also the hormonal precursor to testosterone and estrogen. Thus, the result is hormonal imbalances that inhibit fat burning, and also worsening the health and mood.

7: Train to increase strength, using heavy weight

Most trainees rarely choose a weight that would be heavy enough to provide improvement in body composition or strength increase. Moreover, women in more vulnerable, because of the stereotype that they can't lift anything heavy.

During research it was found that as a result of self-selection operating weight women with relatively little training experience was 30 percent lighter minimum required to receive at least some benefit.

That is, their working weights were too light to provide muscle growth and strength or bone strength. In addition, weight data did not require large amounts of energy, so calories burned was minimal.

A fairly simple method for choosing the right working weights presented in paragraph #8. The use of heavy load will provide a more lean and athletic figure. In addition, it will help you to gain a special confidence that is not available to those who are not used to test their physical limits.

8: Let the reps determine the load – the simple formula of heavy training

The easiest way to choose the appropriate load to produce the required training outcomes is to let the reps determine the weight.

This method is based on maximum load or odnopolchanina maximum (1RM). The weight with which you can perform only 10 reps is 75% of 1RM, 12 reps – 70% of the 1MP.

How it works in practice.

If your goal is fat burning, then do four-eight approaches of 8-12 repetitions. This will increase the production of lactic acid, which in turn will ensure a good metabolic shock.

Thus, if the sit-UPS you use a weight of 50 pounds and a range of 10-12 repetitions, but it is able to carry 13 or more, the weight should be increased. Conversely, if you can perform only eight or nine repetitions, then it means that the load is too high.

Or, let's say you finish your training cycle and decide now to train for strength, because your goal is to increase the working weight in squats to own. For this you need to use a range of three to five reps with a heavier weight than the previous 50 pounds, for example, 60 pounds.

9: Eat real food – bad food will drive all the work in the gym no

Many women and men make the mistake of believing that if they work out, you can now consume all that they want. However, if you seriously train for a long time, you should know that in the long term, poor nutrition can negate all the work in the gym.

Another problem that is common among a large number of women seeking to burn body fat, is a selection of packaged processed food to reduce consumption of fats and strictly control calories. This problem often leads to constant hunger and lack of nutrients.

The most effective solution is the consumption of whole foods and the selection of the required profile of macronutrients, that is, individual identification of the appropriate profile of fats, protein and carbohydrates.

With the right dietary plan you don't have to train in order to reduce the level of subcutaneous fat. However, the training will help you to expedite the receipt of results, to consolidate them, and change your life for the better.

10: Always schedule workouts in advance

If you are a coach or are related to sports science, you should know that weight training increases strength and helps build muscles due to overload, causing the adaptation of the organism.

Incidentally, the human body adapts very quickly. This means that to maintain progress need to change any aspect of the training.

This is called periodization, which is essentially just one more term for the good of the Protocol. For example, if you train for strength, when you run a six-week course, weight should be increased every two weeks with slight variations of the load and schema sets-reps in each exercise.

The beauty periodisierung program is that it requires setting specific objectives and clear planning of the training, at least six weeks in advance, so that every time I go to the gym, you know exactly what you need to do.

Thus, there will be no waste of time, no repetitive training, to which the organism has become accustomed. But if you get tired or you will be overtaken by stress, all you have to do is go to the gym. That is, it does not have to remember what you did last session because all of this should be recorded.

In short, this method helps to keep being honest with yourself, as well as the regularity of the training. published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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