26 anticipated events of the fall

The trial of "Vkontakte", the new iPhone, the transition to winter time and other events this fall in the review.

September 1
Anthem will play in a new

Change the order of the use of state symbols (the Federal Constitutional Law of 21.12.2013 № 5-FCL). Now, the national flag will be permanently posted on all public organizations to raise the tricolor will be prior to any public events, including sports and health and fitness.
The law also increases the list of activities for which the performance of the national anthem becomes mandatory. For example, it will play on all school rulers on 1 September and before the training in higher and secondary educational institutions.

On September 1,
Insurance will be responsible for delay in payment of CTP

Shall enter into force of the amendments to the Law on CTP. For insurance introduced tariff corridor, limiting the maximum and minimum values ​​to be set by the Central Bank. Increases the penalty for a deliberate tightening insurers pay at 0, 1 and 1% of the amount of the fine. There is an opportunity to enter into a contract CTP in electronic form. Now, you can not issue a separate agreement on the trailer and repair the damage will be the direction to the free repair.

8 sentyarbya
"VKontakte" will be tried for piracy

City Court of St. Petersburg will consider the case of a "music piracy" in the social network "VKontakte". Claims of Copyright Infringement April 3, 2014 filed three record labels: Sony Music Russia, Universal Music Russia and Warner Music UK. They are accused of deliberately promoting social network piracy and require owners to service 50 million rubles.

September 9
iPhone 6

, Apple presents iPhone 6. It is expected that the new smartphone will be available in two versions: in one diagonal of the screen is 4, 7 inches, the second - 5, 5 inches. More memory, more capacious battery, more intelligent Siri - the main expectations from the new model.

In Russia, the new phones will be available in a couple of weeks after the official presentation.

September 12
Moscow River shore change

Finished accepting applications for the development of the concept of the Moskva River embankment. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin promises to equip the 201 kilometer coastline, in accordance with the best offer. The contest will take place in two stages. Initially, the jury will select six architectural and planning teams that during the second phase will be required to develop their concept. The prize fund of 30 million rubles, the winner will be announced on December 16th.

September 14
Single day of voting
in Russia

On this day, Moscow will elect deputies to the Moscow City Duma, St. Petersburg Governor of early elections, but only in Russia will be 30 direct election of regional governors, 14 elections of regional parliaments, 3 direct election of regional centers, 20 elections of representative bodies of regional centers.

September 15
Arkady Mamontov journalist answer for insults Sergei Polonsky

Savelovsky District Court of Moscow will begin consideration of a claim for defamation of businessman Sergei Polonsky branch to television "Russia" and journalist Arkady Mamontov. With the release of the "Special Correspondent" Arkady Mamontov businessman called a fraud and a criminal. Former developer unhappy and needs 100 million rubles from the broadcaster and journalist.

September 22
Former Georgian president to stand trial

The Tbilisi City Court will begin consideration of materials in the case of ex-president of the Republic of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, who is accused of the violent crackdown on the rally November 7, 2007, the illegal invasion of the same day, "Imedi", as well as the illegal seizure of property businessman Badri Patarkatsishvili. Abuse of power could cost the former president eight years in prison.

from 1 September
Russians will be able to trade on eBay

American online retailer eBay will allow Russian businessmen to trade on the platform, despite the sanctions to Russia from the US and the EU. "Russia has been and remains today the main priority for the global market development site eBay», - said Vice President of Wendy Jones, responsible for the global development of eBay.

September 30
Windows Presentation 9 for developers

Microsoft introduced a new operating system developers to Windows 9. Publication The Verge suggests that the new version will be improved operation of Windows on touch screen devices and computers using a keyboard and mouse for input.

October 1
Payments on CTP grow

Shall enter into force others, the most important for drivers, amendments to the law on CTP. From this day would dramatically increase the maximum limit of liability for property damage: 120 thousand rubles per victim or 160 thousand rubles at all to 400 thousand rubles each.

As an experiment in Moscow, Moscow region, St. Petersburg and Leningrad region limit payments "evroprotokol" (clearance of small accidents without traffic police) is removed under the condition of a photo or video capture, as well as the data of the GLONASS system or other navigation systems. This provision will only work for the accident, both parties contracted after October 1, 2014. This means that drivers finally stop waiting for the traffic police representative and be able to commit themselves accident and contact the insurance for compensation. While only 9% of all accidents are recorded in such a way as insurance in such cases are paid only the minimum amount of compensation. For cases not confirmed by technical means fixing limit payments totaling 50 thousand rubles.

October 1
Contractors enlisted in missile troops without service

Strategic Rocket Forces (RVSN) will receive contract without going through the draft service to increase its staff. In connection with the transition to the new RVSN missile systems has increased the need for specialists who can operate and maintain military equipment. According to forecasts of the military, this measure will increase the staffing of military troops in this category at 17%.

From 1 to 10 October
St. Petersburg

Earlier this month in St. Petersburg will host several international forums: innovation, energy, gas, International Media Forum and others. Business representatives will meet with officials and discuss prospects for the development of their industries. As part of the Media Forum will premiere fifty paintings.

October 9
Election of the head of the Crimean Republic

Is scheduled to vote on the election of the head of the Crimean Republic deputies of the local self-government body - the National Council of Crimea. Have to choose from three candidates proposed by the President of the Russian Federation. Until their identity is not made public. On the same day and in the same order will be elected governor of Sevastopol.

from 14 to 25 October
Population census

The basic results of the census in Crimean Federal District will be brought before May 1, 2015. For census allocated 387 million rubles from the federal budget. The census will be interviewed residents of the republic and those temporarily residing in the territory of the peninsula. Crimean profile coincides with the preparation for the Russian population census in 2010 and includes 33 questions.

October 21
SMS-spam will be outlawed

Will come into force amendments to the law "On Communications", prohibiting the SMS-spam. Now the law will be only the distribution, which gave consent to the subscriber. According to the vice-speaker of the State Duma Sergei Zheleznyaka, co-author of the document, this law will significantly reduce the number of unauthorized mailings to subscribers of cellular networks. However, for extra protection against spam SMS-MP advises citizens to take responsibility for the contracts and profiles, which they offer to fill a variety of suppliers of goods and services.

October 26
Return winter time

Russians will translate the clock back one hour in accordance with the decree of Vladimir Putin will remain in the winter time. Thus, the law abolished the previous Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, adopted in 2011, instructing live only in the summer time. Country again divided into 11 time zones instead of nine. New members of the Federation - Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol - will live on Moscow time. Udmurtia and Samara region included in the new time zone, ahead of Moscow time by one hour.

October 1,
Parliamentary elections in Ukraine

This month, to be held early parliamentary elections in Ukraine. According to the chairman of the faction "blow" Vitaly Kovalchuk, the date of the election depends on two conditions: from when President Peter Poroshenko, exercise the right to appoint the early parliamentary elections, and will there be any changes to shorten the duration of the campaign. Among the dates that are being considered, - 5, 12, 19 or 26 October 2014 th.

October 30
In Russia will come first "Mistral»

In October, despite the pressure and frustration on the part of the United States, France, Russia will deliver the first of two amphibious ships, helicopter carriers of the "Mistral". Besides the United States, against the supply of Russian helicopter carriers were in the UK and Germany. France, however, said he did not intend to abandon the prisoner three years ago contract (still, it is the sum of 1, 2 billion euros), according to which half of the money already paid. Rupture of a signed contract would be threatened Paris serious penalty.

November 1
Federal highways will be paid

Every kilometer will cost driver of the wagon or truck (permissible maximum mass exceeding 12 tonnes) in 3, 5 rubles with annual indexation. To keep track of the drivers, each vehicle will be equipped with a device GLONASS, the two million units will be issued to drivers for free. Transportation companies warn that travel costs ultimately affect the price of goods transported

November 1
Last chance to speak

The government has finished accepting proposals for the use of pensions. At present, on behalf of Dmitry Medvedev's Economic Development, Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank are considering the possibility of investing pension funds in shares and share capital to innovate.

November 1
Fines for small businesses will

Before November 1, should be prepared amendments to the Administrative Code that reduce penalties for various violations. Now there is no differentiation, small and large businesses receive the same prescription for the same offenses, but for smaller companies paying fines often results in bankruptcy.

November 3
Consideration of the case of the Boston Marathon bombings

Scheduled to begin trial Tsarnaevym Johar, a native Kyrgyz ASSR accused of committing a terrorist act in Boston during a marathon in April 2013. The defendant faces a maximum punishment - death penalty.

from 12 to 14 November
Week of the Russian Internet RIW 2014

Week will be held Russian Internet RIW 2014. This is the main autumn event of the Internet industry, and this year - and mediakommunikatsionnoy industry. The organizers of the RIW 2014 were: RAEC (Association of Electronic Communications) and ISS (Mediakommunikatsionny Union), with the support of the Ministry of Communications Russia.

November 20
Meet the "Group of Twenty»

G20 summit will be held in Australia in Brisbane. At the annual conference brings together representatives of twenty economies - finance ministers and central bankers. Russia, excluded from the "Big Eight" this spring, most likely, will attend the G20.

?? November
Building a bridge to the Crimea

In November, to begin construction of the Kerch bridge that will connect Crimea with the rest of Russia. It will be built through the Tuzla Spit until the end of 2018. The government will allocate for this purpose 247 billion rubles.



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