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Cathedral - it's always one of the main temples of the city, or the temple, which is dedicated to some special event, so unlike conventional churches cathedrals were built with special grandeur. Stop being a cathedral temple can not - this status is assigned to it once and for all. In principle, the very large to the cathedral and are not binding, but from the beginning he had hoped for more services, so it just has to do more.
We offer a look at the highest and most majestic cathedrals and churches of the world.

1. Ulm Cathedral (Germany), height 161, 5 m.

Lutheran Cathedral This is the highest cathedral in the world. The height of the cathedral with a spire is 161, 5 m, and 768 degrees allow up to a height of 143 m. Bookmark the cathedral took place in 1377, to the very construction started almost 20 years later - in 1392. By 1405 construction was completed only the main part of the cathedral, with interruptions, he went on to finish building a few centuries, and the construction is completely finished only in 1890. Thus, the entire construction of Ulm Cathedral took almost half a millennium.

2. Basilica of Our Lady of Peace (Ivory Coast), height with a cross on the main dome 158 meters

This Basilica is considered the largest of the Christian churches in the world. Here, both in worship devour present more than 18,000 people. However, Roman ST. Peter at the smaller area can accommodate three times more faithful.

3. Cologne Cathedral (Germany), height 157, 4 m.

The construction of this beautiful Gothic cathedral began in 1248 and ended only in 1880. During the 632-year-old building, even the legend that says that the city of Cologne did not threaten until will continue construction of the cathedral. This cathedral is the third largest in the world in height among the Christian churches, but it is the highest of all the churches that have two identical towers. 533 steps allow up to a height of 150 m.

4. Rouen Cathedral (France), the height of 151 m.


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