Cathedral, where coronations of the French throne (39 photos)

This story of a blogger who had visited an amazing place in France in Reims - Reims Cathedral.


Nothing resembles?


Construction of the gothic cathedral, dedicated to Our Lady took place under the communist slogan "old world, we razed to the ground, and then ..." At the site of Notre-Dame de Reims in ancient times housed the Roman Baths. And you know what the ancient Romans in the baths? They pyalili courtesans, obzhorstvovali, then pyalili comrades (rumored), then again obzhorstvovali, pyalili then again, then again obzhorstvovali. And it is in Rome, where in addition to the term you could still find a million other entertainment depending on the number of sesterces. And in distant provinces, and all in the terms they indulge in all serious. Therefore, from the point of view of Christianity choice of the construction of the cathedral was somewhat surprising. Already in the fifth century, very handy for Reims, this was the first Catholic cathedral. Why by the way? Because without the cathedral would not have happened baptism ancestor of present-day France - Frankish King Clovis. Remigius baptize him one. Bishop of Rheims Apostle francs. Remi has played a key role in the spread of Christianity in Western Europe, at the time dubbed barbarian chieftain Clovis. After this event, Reims fate was sealed. The city became an important place in the history of France, because there were crowned almost all (except three) of the French kings. It contributed to the status of the city of mystical flavor of the baptism of Clovis. According to ancient rites proselytize poured on the top of fir trees - olive oil. According to legend, in the most critical moment of the ritual it happened at Remigius and Clovis small popadoss. Minion with a container of oil is obviously staring at some busty vendor and was immediately ottert crowd. Clovis was in a silly position. Clad in armor, a former Barbarian was kneeling in front of the old man with all his Remigius army, expecting a drop in the forehead. His forehead was sweating, but remained a pagan. And when Clovis was about to stand up and break Remigius noble Pendula, an angel came down from heaven in the form of a white dove. In his beak he held a vial of oil. So ornithologists all over the world celebrate the establishment of Christianity in Europe. Vial This later became known as the Holy sesiidae. It was one of the main relics of Christianity. For her protection was even established order of chivalry and was not clear what the fuck Dan Brown has not yet been written on this his next bestseller? Uh, in the gallery. Well listen! I, by the way, is now telling you about the important things. Had it not been the baptism of Clovis, who knows, maybe now all the polls five times to Mecca to pray, but wore a burqa. Sacred note in the baptism of Clovis later made all the kings of France regrets to leave a nice wine, musketeers and courtesans of Paris and shove at Purdue Reims for the coronation. In the 13th century the temple have not saved - he was burnt to ashes. In order not to lose the city thug status on the site of the old temple there and then laid a new and for a hundred years, to the beginning of the 14th century, there already stood a masterpiece of Gothic architecture of Notre-Dame de Reims. He is now considered the most harmonious cathedral Gothic. Like any self-respecting Domino, Reims Cathedral has two towers of 80 meters high. They wanted to stir up just eight towers, but then feared that with the top of the cathedral as the comb will look.




Towers is surrounded by machine-gun tape in which both sleeves carved statues of all the kings of France.


Rumor has it that in the old days all the statues were covered with gold leaf. Such idols remained exactly 56. Their height of 4 meters and weighs 7 tons each. Several statues refused to get wet in the rain outside and moved inside under a roof.


In addition to the statues of kings on the roof of the Cathedral walks a zoo. Here, you and very rare for the gargoyles representatives of livestock (with fantasy chtol builders had problems?), But there is every evil



Pay attention to the griffin. Namely, as sculptors carefully put it vodolazochku to the neck warm.


Apart from the purely heraldic and religious symbols, the architects of the cathedral actively promoted marketing. For good money any distinguished citizen could install his sculpture on the facade. Used as blackmail. If the rich refused to endow the cathedral, he could carve in mocking pose little or yuhom


Live flies fauna also provides a contribution to the decoration of the facade. As his personal presence and green eruptions of his feathery ass. After a visit to the roof of the Cathedral of the whole jacket was in the litter


Oger - unique people. Five minutes ago we were dying from Reims holodryga, but when we were asked to go up to the dome by a fierce wind, all gladly agreed


For such species agreed


You all the same, we are selling and we will, among other things, the health risk to you.

In addition to the cathedral for the coronation it created a separate infrastructure. Near the cathedral built a royal palace where the Dauphiné could tilt the night before the ascent to the throne. A sort of a hotel "Crown Royal Resort and Spa»


Under the roof of the cathedral - the room from the set of vintage punk films about the Fourth Reich and Wunder Waffen-



By the way, the Germans are well managed heritage. In the First World War they took the city by siege, and then, when the French kicked the Germans out of the city, with anger decided to bomb the cathedral and thus hurt the pride of the French, destroying their sacred. Several grenades significantly damaged the facade of the cathedral and destroyed statues. At this time, in the Cathedral of dried hay for the cavalry, and want to stay here a camp for the wounded. One of the grenades pierced the roof and got in a haystack. Cathedral burned inside completely. Vintage stained-glass windows were lost. Later, the Germans began to chase the devil and obscene otmazyvatsya, they say, it's vengeance for the French destroyed the cathedral in Speyer ... in the late 17th century. Well, what excuses sculpt nakosyachili - stamped!

Cathedral managed to recover before the start of World War II. And here, taught by the experience of past centuries, the widest used marketing. Dali winemakers denyuzhku Cathedral - welcome the new stained glass windows with advertising of wine and wine image creation process


In the center of the monk with weights - the same Dom Perignon


Several stained glass windows were created by Marc Chagall


In addition to wine, the money helped the restoration of the temple of the Rockefeller clan, as a plaque reads.

And then friends with the Germans. In 1962, while the total mass before the council signed a peace treaty between the two countries, which, I hope, never to be broken. Who cares, the contract was signed by Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer


An important milestone in the history of the cathedral was the coronation of Charles here VII. His name, I'm sure many will say little, but this has persuaded the king to ascend to the throne in Reims no different as Joan of Arc. In the picture she was standing next to the royal throne with lilies


In the cathedral there is an exposition dedicated to the Maid of Orleans. The statues, however, give the Pomorze-Scythian style


At first I thought it was some kind of an instrument of the Inquisition. The reality was more peaceful - a rack of candles


The length of the nave of the cathedral - 138 meters





The front part of the nave is illuminated by a unique round stained-glass windows (rose)



From a distance it is difficult to assess the scale. And here is a look at the people below and vote diameter stained glass


The side portal, which included the coronation of the Dauphin before


Crude, sinful, they were little significant in the door, received a drop of oil on the forehead, and cleared out almost holy through the main gate in front of the audience hooted

If you look from the bottom up, the cathedral seems revived dreadnoughts of the "Star Wars»


The surface of the entire literally dotted with sculptures and ornaments. Total cathedral decorated with more than a thousand sculptures.





Only the builders of religious fanaticism could have created such a masterpiece. How much labor as diligence and talent has been invested in the construction!


Smiling angel


Unique for those harsh years of expression for the statue of the religious object. During the bombing in World War I, the angel decapitated. We found and stuck his head back. Nothing has no power over the true beauty of a woman and a smile.



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