Namibia - A place where there is nothing ...

Vast sea of ​​sand dunes goes inland to the dry heart of the Namib Desert. At first glance, little animals and plants inhabit in this dry climate, but it should only sprinkle a blue moon, and the desert suddenly wakes up, starts bright and active life.
The author writes: "To be honest I'm a little fib - in the sense that the first place where I was in Namibia, was just Sosufley Valley, and in the article and blog, she concludes Namibian journey. But the valley is so rich in experience proved that I wanted to fall at her last ... "

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1. Namib Desert - translated from the local means "place where there is nothing»

2. With the same place I had a funny memory. One of the first articles on the chief editor positions in NGTraveler, which I brought author and freelancers, was the story of Namibia and a selection of photos. I saw photos of the girl-photographer and my heart is bathed in colored sand envy Valley Sosufley. Without false modesty, I realized that she was not the dunes were given, and that I take better. And even (to my shame) did not read the text, and then suddenly he liked me and had to put in the room. Repent, sinner, since I dreamed of the valley Sosufley and quietly crossed fingers, hoping that I will not offer brilliant pictures from which I could not refuse. Thoughts are material and a year later fused expedition to Namibia ... It was morning, the sky is almost entirely covered with clouds and red dunes lay morning light passed through the filter polodny clouds. Because the top and there were purple tones. Krasnov bottom - then just the morning light. In general, the refraction of light and color in Sosufley fascinating ...

3. The huge dune, like a prehistoric monster

4. Morning light pink plus red sand and then even clouds are reddish

In the valley there are several Sosufley Kemp. I lived in a very expensive and terribly glamorous, if I may say so with respect to the desert. (If they are willing - lay out a few photos the lodge). On the way to Camp Little Kula I was lucky, I have a pilot blonde. And hear my slozhnoproiznosimuyu local name she asked not from Russia I ...
Blonde-pilot called Olga, she more than ten years ago emigrated from Moscow to Australia, completed flight school and is now working on a contract in Namibia. Olga gave me the whole trip with the plane, specifically decreasing over the bank: Show abandoned villages on the banks of diamond seekers and a few lost ships on the coast. And in between the share of complaining about the difficult female pilot.
 - But to renew the contract probably will not. Crazy schedule, there is no place to grow, for example, here on my license, I have to fly around the clouds all round. - Olga shows a rare storm cloud over the desert and I think to myself, what thank God that her license is forbidden to fly through such clouds. But she does not read my thoughts and continue to share experiences - And I want to know more! No prospect of a word. Back in Australia, where you can learn more ...
It seems that the difficulty of combining family life of its aviation afraid not much.
 - Look down ... it Sossusvlei!

5. Few types of aircraft. The very beginning of the red sands

6. One of my favorite shots. The sky is overcast and suddenly a ray of breaks in the dune ... only a few moments ...

7. All that is asked the question ... but guess. There is also a frame where the background of all this pair of birds flying. Who has not found but still lay. Generally good staff very much and put all just unreal)) Bottom yellow dunes suddenly changed color and became brick-colored mountains of sand. Even the clouds over the desert reflect red dunes. In Breberi a story, "The Martian Chronicles" and there had all the inhabitants gradually takes on a reddish color. It seems to me that in a few days too blush like clouds and sand. Especially, as the clay Himba still on my face. Little animals here and the crowds of tourists come here just to take a look at the red dunes. Pandemonium begins dawn, when the first rays. Not all can drive up the dunes, where you can - should turn wishing to climb. And the chain, like ants crawling all slowly to the top. I must say that to climb the dune height of two or three hundred meters is not such a simple matter. Sand crawling from under the feet and every step is a struggle. But you can slide down in any way, some even engaged Sand-boarding - slide down the sand mountains as snow slopes. Each mountain personal number number number seven dune - height 383 meters. It is considered the highest dune in the world.

8. A pair of trees in the valley of death ... What kind of "life after death»

9. Climbing. Sand sock shake even in Moscow

10. Stop difficult - you want to shoot and shoot. From the valley of death I only expels the heat and crowds of tourists. And then I would have turned into the same tree. Valley Sosusfley from a height looks like crashing into the language of red sand. During the rare rains here there is a river. Though its waters to the ocean do not reach and disappear in pink sands. Other symbolic place - des Valley, in our valley of death. To get to the valley is on foot through the dunes. Valley of the size of a football field, and sand surround it dvuhsotmetrovuyu amphitheater stands. Instead, players black skeletons of dead trees. If you look closely you can see that dererevya inclined. If they tried to escape from the disaster, from the hot sand and sun. Apparently there was a long old river bed, there were trees, and then sands decided to "walk" and isolated grove of water.

11. And it was a muddy river bottom

12. Another unreal dune

There's nothing else to do - just tirelessly clicking camera. And if someone wants to find the scenery is guaranteed to make brilliant photos, welcome to Namibia. Very photogenic country.
Fly back again with Olga, today is the first day when there were storm clouds. As said earlier, it flies all storm fronts. And at the bottom for the first time in a long time in the parched river water appears. A Vinduke begins a tropical downpour. Vprochem- a drop in the sea of ​​sand ...

13. And here ... ... two birds found on the crest and immediately picture works differently ...

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