Namib Desert - the oldest desert in the south-western Africa

Namib Desert - the oldest desert in the south-western Africa
In the south-western part of the African continent it is the oldest desert in the world, having the name of the Namib, which means "place where there is nothing." According to scientists, the age of the African desert, having a length along the Atlantic coast about 1900 kilometers, is about eighty million years.

A striking landmark is considered to be a plateau of Namibia Sossusvlei, situated in the central part of the desert, it is famous for the huge sand dunes of red, as well as Death Valley, where the whole of the island of dead trees.

A characteristic feature of the climate of the African desert is its increased dryness, besides Namibe, justifying a hundred percent to its name, it is considered to be virtually uninhabited territory.
Color sand in Namibe heterogeneous, with yellow-gray color dominates in the coastal areas in the central part of the increasingly common brick-red sand.

Famous for this African desert for its huge sand dunes, which can reach a height of 240 meters, and the length of some of them is equal to twenty kilometers. It located in Namibia, and the absolute record-holder among the highest dunes in the world. It is known to many travelers Dune 7, which reaches a height of 383 meters.



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