Toshiba: the first TV with a resolution conversion

Toshiba has introduced a line of LCD TVs with built-in conversion technology permits, allows you to convert SD-Low level in the signal resolution is close to HD. This technology is implemented in TVs for the first time.

Toshiba has introduced the world's first line of LCD TVs with built-in conversion technology resolution Resolution +, reports The devices were demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show IFA, taking place these days in Berlin.

Special processor placed in television, film improves resolution reproduced in real time. Similar technology is used in modern optical disc players. In DVD-players Toshiba, for example, it is known as XDE. This technology is able to increase the resolution of a movie recorded on DVD, from the standard 480i or 480p to full HD resolution of 1920p. TV Toshiba Regza ZF Series are able to convert the image to a resolution near to the format of HD, the company says. Both technologies are based on processor microarchitecture Cell, developed by IBM, Toshiba and Sony. A similar architecture is used in the home gaming console Sony PlayStation 3. According to official representatives of Toshiba, this approach allows you to watch any movie in high definition resolution or close to it, even if the film was not released on Blu-ray.

Panel of the new series support the format Full HD, the refresh rate of 100 Hz, have a dynamic contrast ratio of 30,000: 1 and a response time of 6 ms. Televisions are equipped with HDMI, component and connector socket for connecting a personal computer. There are built-in speakers with support for Dolby Digital Plus and SRS WOW, and the presence of standard support Nicam Stereo lets you hear the popular TV channels in stereo.

Toshiba TV with a resolution conversion function will be available in two diagonals 40 and 46 inches. Release dates and costs are unknown. However, it is reported that the device designed primarily for the European market.


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