Toshiba has launched a chair into space

The agency Grey London has developed a campaign about the effectiveness of space technology Toshiba's extreme situations. Campaign «Space Chair» / «Space Chair" started in September, when the Nevada desert in the sky started with a chair attached to it gel ball. Red chair equipped with cameras and GPS systems to per-second tracking his whereabouts. Simultaneously with the launch of a contest was announced: the one who can guess which falls chair, get a TV Toshiba.

Videography travel chair in the atmosphere has been used for advertising TV commercial that aired the UK today. The most discussed and anticipated movie, which aims to prove that Toshiba is the unchallenged leader in the field of technological innovation, lasts 60 seconds and shows not only the mission of the chair, but his fall.

Refer to the end!

Download video clip or view a list of the creative team.

Of all the subjects I was chosen chair because this simple device is an inherent part of watching TV or using a laptop Toshiba.

The flight lasted 83 minutes of the chair and was made possible by the fact that it was made of balsa, almost weightless, soft and porous wood. A unique system of cameras for the flight has developed skills in launching balls into the atmosphere engineer John Powell of JP Aerospace. Every 15 seconds, the information from the four independent GPS system broadcast by satellite to the ground.

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