H2One from Toshiba: mobile power generator

Japanese Corporation Toshiba plans by September 2015, to offer the market a mobile power generator, which will not produce carbon dioxide.

Hydrogen fuel cells are considered as a promising fuel of the future, because the combustion of hydrogen produces no carbon dioxide. However, most of the hydrogen is then used in fuel cells, produced from fossil raw materials – gas or coal – and at this stage, the release of carbon dioxide are significant. A number of Japanese companies (for example, Chiyoda Corp. and Kawasaki Heavy Industries) are working on carbon-free technologies for producing hydrogen, but they are too expensive for commercial use.

Toshiba offers system under the brand name H2One 30-kilowatt solar panel, a node for generating hydrogen tank for storing hydrogen, batteries and water tank. All this is mounted in a single container the size of the ship. The generator is able to produce electricity and hot water for approximately 300 people during the week, says Hiroyuki OTA (Hiroyuki Ota), senior project Manager New Energy Solution.

The details of the technology, as well as the final cost of the system, has not yet been announced, but Mr. OTA claims that the consumer it will cost about 2/3 the cost of lithium-ion battery of similar capacity. published

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Source: green-city.su/vodorod-bez-ugleroda/


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