Reincarnation Edward Norton

August 18, 44 turned to Edward Norton. Lacking comely appearance, as some colleagues on the shop floor, the actor nonetheless was able to break into Hollywood Olympus. What is the secret of his success? - Perseverance and hard work, the maximum commitment to each embodiment of the image and role. And although none of the coveted golden statuette has not gone on the shelf to Norton, he had already received his main prize - love of the audience. I remember the movies that every fan of the actor (and a good movie in general) is required to view.

Primal Fear (1996)

In Gregory Hoblit's thriller starring role went to the star of the first magnitude - Richard Gere, Norton also appears in the role of a young guy with a shy glance, who is accused of murdering a priest, committed with special cruelty. And how amazing actor novice eclipsed his game veteran and much more experienced Gere!
A serious bid for success that brought Edward "Golden Globe" and a nomination for "Oscar" for supporting actress, and it was then born supernova Norton ...

American History X (1998)

By choosing roles, the actor always approached thoughtfully: in 1998, on the big screens out another ambitious picture with his participation, entitled "American History X". The dramatic tape Tony Kaye touched an extremely important and sensitive issues that are typical of American society: racism, Nazism, the problem of troubled teens and their family relationships. And at the center of it all - the character Norton. Despite the fact that some of the scenes of "History" evoke mixed feelings, the film is mandatory viewing for everyone, and not by chance on the list of best pictures according to IBDM.

Fight Club (1999)

The first rule of fight club - you do not talk about fight klube.Legendarny movie, the plot of which is based on the equally famous novel by Chuck Palahniuk. "Fight Club" just could not disappoint fans of the writer. Creation David Fincher consists entirely of stylish frames and catchy phrases. The screen shows a brilliant duo of Pitt and Norton outrageous Helena Bonham Carter in the main female role - and a perfect psychological thriller is ready.
By the way, the hero Edward, have never called by name in the film, became a full-fledged Internet meme, a symbol of all the world's enough sleep.

The Illusionist (2006)

Drama Neil Burger takes the viewer to the beginning of the twentieth century, when magicians in high society were considered a rarity curiosity. Eyzenhaym, played by Norton, successfully carries out representation in Vienna, is not by chance becomes involved in a serious confrontation with the authorities. The reason usually is just a woman ...

The Painted Veil (2006)

Again, the main role. Melodrama, filmed on the novel by W. Somerset Maugham S., tells the story of overcoming the distance between two people, the character of Edward Norton and Naomi Watts. Is the couple caught in a relationship, there is a chance for a happy future? Add to this China's tense atmosphere, sick of cholera, and a series of unexpected events - and sensual drama of watching a movie which you can cry and ready.

The Incredible Hulk (2008)

What is a successful actor does not have in his filmography "experience" a superhero? The 2008th Norton became the Hulk, the storm of global evil, and along with the threat to the peace community. Unlike fellow superhero Bruce Banner (Hulk's alter ego) did not control themselves in the "green" state, which greatly complicates the very fight with the bad guys ... But Edward is sure to succeed!
Unfortunately, "The Avengers" takes the role of green mutant another actor, but ardent fans of comics about Hulk still believe Norton perfect embodiment of the beloved hero.

Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Edward can be found in one of the most talked about dramas in 2012. Picture Wes Anderson - nominees "Oscar", "Golden Globe" and the "Palme d'Or" and the actor in her birthday got the role ... Boy Scouts Leader! On the Norton wears a funny short shorts and gets along great with the kids. Moving away from their usual dramatic way, "comedy" Edward - now decorated with ribbons, and his character looks in "Moonrise Kingdom" very organic. Needless to say, Norton - a versatile artist, who under force play!


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