Child actors from the past

Let us remember the child actors from distant 80-90s of the last century, and learn how their destinies.

Edward Walter Furlong (Edward Walter Furlong) was born twice. For the first time August 2, 1977, and the second time he has been born a star after the movie "Terminator 2".

Edward - half Mexican (mother), half-Russian (for his father, whom he never saw). In 13 years, he won the competition for the role of John Connor in Terminator. For his debut work Furlong won the prize «MTV Movie Award» (as the biggest breakthrough of the year) and the prize «Saturn Sci-Fi Award» (best young actor).

Secondary education. Up to 16-year-old was under the care of her aunt Nancy and Uncle Sean. Edward Furlong's mother Eleanor Torres after the success of Eddie wanted to regain custody of him, but he defended the right to independence of the court.

For the role of fifteen son ne'er felon in the film "American Heart" (1992), Furlong was nominated for the award «IFP Spirit Award» for Best Supporting Actor. And in 1998 published the "American History X", the film still comes in all sorts of rankings and tops the best movies, and critics admire the game Edward and his partner Edward Norton.

But then Edward caught up in the problems related to drug and alcohol ... Because of that he was denied the role of John Connor in the third part of the Terminator (even though he really wanted to play).

Edward is engaged in music, in 1992 debut song «Hold On Tight» surpassed the famous lyrics of Whitney Houston «I Will Always Love You», becoming the number 1 in the Japanese charts. Recorded self-titled album («Hold on Tight»). He is fond of shooting home movies. She is an active member of the Society for Animal Welfare, and a staunch opponent of natural furs.

For a time he lived with his former mentor - Jackie Domecq, despite share their age difference of 12 years (for Eddie she even divorced her husband). However, after Jackie she became his manager, their relationship soured and they are sued because of income Furlong. He was married to actress Rachael Bella, played in the movie "The Ring." September 21, 2006 a son, Ethan Page. In July 2009, the couple divorced.

BEETHOVEN. The top three films about children from St. Bernard named Beethoven: Sarah Rose Karr (Emily), Christopher Castillo (Ted) and Nicole Tom (Rise).

Beethoven 2 was the last role of Sarah Rose Karr (before that she also appeared in the film "Dedsadovsky police"), she is alive and well, but the movie has finished 15 years ago. For Christopher Castillo, Beethoven became edinsvennoe film, except for a modest series of the late 80s early 90s.

Nicole Tom continues snimatsya now. Her filmography includes roles in The brother Robbie, The Princess Diaries, series Castle, The Mentalist, Criminal Minds, and others.

Elisaia Porter. Curly Sue - not very popular film in the United States, but very fond of Russia and Ukraine in the era of the 90s.

For this film, Alison was the only (apart from a couple of unpopular series). She became a singer!

Michael Oliver. Astray hit by Oliver Diana Pouns - his mother and his manager. During the filming of "difficult child 2" she began to blackmail the producers - threatened to take his son to the ground, if not signed a new contract, according to which his fee would be raised from $ 80 000 to 500. In the end, she has ensured that Michael instead of 80 th. paid 250 then «Universal» the woman filed a lawsuit. In the end, the jury of the Supreme Court ruled that the contract was invalid studio «Universal» tried to force him to sign mandatory, and that Diana and Michael obliged to return the balance of 250 studios and 80 thousand $, according to the contract. After filming, Michael and her mother went into debt from which you select an "uncle difficult."

Later, he played several roles in various TV shows («Amen», «Platypus Man» and «Drexell's Class»). Its one more and last film role he played in the movie "Dillinger and Capone" (1995).

The older Oliver, the more he was angry when he found out on the street. He could easily shout at their fans, well, for an autograph - it's all been from the category of fiction. To change the appearance, the former actor grew even elegant red beard. Now the "problem child" completely disappeared from the eyes of journalists. Where is it, nobody knows. About his personal life, too, is not known. But creativity at some moment of victory in Michael, and he created a rock band. However, she was so unpopular that the stories did not even have her name. He currently is a member of both of the two groups - «The Samples» and «Nural».

But looks like now so small girl from the second part of the "problem child» :)

Eliza Dushku. Eliza Patricia Dushku (Eliza Patricia Dushku) was born December 30, 1980 in Watertown, Massachusetts. She currently lives in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles. She - the daughter of Philip R. Dushku, Albanian-American administrator and teacher in the Boston Public Schools, and his ex-wife, Judith, a university administrator and professor at Suffolk University, which is a Danish-American line both grandfathers and Anglo-American through its grandparents . She has three older brothers, Aaron, Benjamin, and Nathan, the latter is a model and actor. Her parents divorced when she was still an infant.

Dushku has attracted the attention of casting agents when she was only 10 years old. She was chosen after five months of searching throughout the country for the role of Alice, playing with Juliette Lewis in the film "That very night" (1992). In 1993, Eliza starred in "This Boy's Life," with Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio, and this opened the door for her role in a great movie. The following year, she played the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis in the movie "True Lies." In 1995, she played the daughter of Paul Reiser in the movie "Goodbye, love." Then Eliza took a short break to finish school. She was admitted to George Washington University in Washington DC and Suffolk University in Boston, where her mother worked as a professor.

After graduating from high school Eliza returned to the screen in the role of Faith in the TV series Buffy - The Vampire Slayer. Initially it was planned five episodes in which Dushku will appear in the role, but her character became so popular that it remained in the series until the end of the third season, and then another appeared in two parts of the fourth season. And back at the end of season 7 finale for the filming of the series.

2000 Dushku appeared in the movie Bring It On with Kirsten Dunst. The film expecting a huge success and a good sale on DVD, followed after another sequel exclusively for the DVD, but Eliza was no longer starred.

In 2001, Kevin Smith invited Dushku to star in his comedy Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, in the film she starred with such stars as Shannon Elizabeth, Ali Larter, Ben Affleck and many others. In 2003, Elisa appeared in the film Wrong Turn, where she already had a real starring role. Beginning this year, she started acting in the title role in the TV series back from the dead, where she played a student Tru Davies, who took a job at a mortuary where she discovers his ability to go back in time at the call of the dead, and tries to help him escape death . At the moment, with Eliza in glavnyo role goes the popular TV series "A Doll's House", and in 2012 she appeared in the movie "Ghostbusters 3"

Alyssa Milano. Alyssa Jayne Milano (Alyssa Jayne Milano) December 19, 1972, was born in Brooklyn (New York), the son of Italian-American parents. Her mother, Lin, a fashion designer, and her father, Thomas M., music editor of films and famous yachtsman. Alyssa's childhood spent in Staten Island and constantly attended the Catholic Church. In 1985 came the cult thriller with Arnold Schwarzenegger "Commando", where Alice played the role of his daughter.

Then Alyssa loses the image of "good girl" and appears in several films intended for adults, such as "Embrace of the Vampire," "Confessions of a sorority," "mortal sin," "Poison Ivy 2: Lily," "Fear." Next Alyssa Milano gets great fame and popularity for his roles in the television series "Melrose Place," "Spin City" and is especially popular in Russia - "Charmed." After the fifth season of "Charmed" together with Holly Marie Cobbs, with whom she became friends during filming, producing a line of lingerie. From 1989 to 1992, he recorded five music albums, but not at home, and in Japan. Total has sold over one million copies of her music albums, and one of the albums went platinum. From 1992 to 2003, Alyssa Milano was the owner of silicone breasts. Subsequently, the implants had to be removed because of health problems

It loves baseball and is a fan of the team, "Los Angeles Dodgers", she has a subscription for all of its games. Also a fan of the team, "Los Angeles Kings" from the NHL, "Indianapolis Colts" from the NFL and is involved in the design of clothing line associated with these clubs.

Outside shooting Alyssa photographs and charity. Free time spends with their pets (three dogs, three cats, 13 birds and eight racehorses). Is an active vegetarian, acted in numerous commercials promotes rejection of meat products. He plays keyboards and flute.

At Milano allergic to soy products and a fear of water, due to which there were problems during the filming of the series "Witch tail" .Also dyslexia. Alyssa has seven tattoos: heart of the lower back, a fairy kneeling in grass on her hip, rosary-beads on the back, the angel on the left ankle, a garland of flowers around his right ankle, the snake biting its tail on the right wrist and «om» on the left wrist. Milano is also an active supporter of PETA and appeared in numerous commercials, promoting vegetarianism. January 1, 1999 married Sincan Tate from the group «Remy Zero». At the wedding of her friend Shannen Doherty were and Holly Marie Combs. But the happy family life has not turned out, and they were divorced 11 months later. August 15, 2009 she married Hollywood agent David Bagliari. We had a romantic relationship with the musicians Justin Timberlake, Fred Durst, actor from "Charmed" Brian Krause, an actor of the film "Double Dragon" Scott Wolf, actor Kirk Cameron, baseball players Brad Penny, Carl felling, Barry Zito and Russell Martin.



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