Hunter pythons from Florida

Meet 39-year-old Edward Mercer (Edward Mercer) one of the few official hunters pythons in Florida (USA). One of the captured Burmese pythons began to pet Edward. All in all, the house hunter pythons lives of seven snakes, including two Burmese python.

Edward Mercer Jobs is to find and catch the badly bred since 1990 in local marshes Burmese pythons. These snakes are not a native species, they came here after some owners of exotic animals released them into the wild, no longer wanting to keep at home.

Edward hunting. Hunt down the python in such thickets not easy

Burmese pythons are not only survived, but also quite well settled down and began to be fruitful and multiply, occupying a niche forage native species of snakes and gradually evicting them. They settled in the famous Florida Everglades swamp (Everglades), which are among the largest preserved wetlands in the world and began to actively hunt for alligators local (young), raccoons, birds, rabbits and other animals.

With his python Edward often becomes a guest at various events


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