In the Australian family pythons have eaten dog, cat and guinea pig. On turn children

Australian family in which victims of pythons have become a dog, cat and guinea pig, and now fears for the safety of their young children, reports Telegraph.

Family members Perik recently watched in horror as their pet Chihuahua dog swallows a five-meter python directly on the veranda of their home in the town of Kuranda in Queensland.
Although they were thrown into the snake different subjects, including chairs, they were unable to save his pet. "This dog was with us for about five years, she was a member of the family" - says the head of the family, Daniel Perik.
According to him, over the past few months victims of pythons also became their cat and guinea pig, and now he is afraid for his two children, 5-year-old Ethan, and 7-year-old Talia, who observed how the python ate their pet dog.

"In our house ducts. You can call it paranoia, but I am afraid that the snake will climb back, "- said Perik. Now he is afraid to leave his children home alone. "When it happens once, it did not attach any importance to this, but yesterday I realized that this is serious," - he adds.

The family called the local expert on snakes Stuart Douglas to try to save the dog, but by the time he arrived, it was almost completely zaglochena, sticking only to the hind legs and tail.

Representatives of the local zoo python took to himself. Soon it will be released in the national park. To kill pythons prohibited.
Pythons live in tropical forests of northern Queensland and usually hunt wild turkeys, bats and wallabies. However, the city is expanding rapidly and the snake will inevitably come into contact with pets.

"These pythons ate earlier wallabies, but now they feed cats and dogs", - says Douglas. According to him, Perika concerns about the children are well founded, as a snake this size could kill a small child

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