How to make a kite out of the ordinary package

Probably each of us at least once launched into the sky kite. Remember how it was great! And even more interesting to build it ourselves.

We are in the Website also succumbed to this undertaking and smasterilizmeya. Our photographer took pictures of the highlights, so to cope with this task will not be difficult. By the way, great flying kite

You will need:!

Plastic standard size package Thin and flexible sticks Several meters of rope strong Scissors Scotch

First fold the bag in half vertically. Make sure that it is flat and smooth.

Cut the package, as shown in the picture 3. You should have 2 pentagon.

Take 2 sticks. One - at the height of the snake, and the other should be slightly longer than the width

. Glue the ribbon, first vertical, then horizontal stick. This horizontal rod should be slightly arched to the "nose" of the serpent. Glue sticks at the point where they intersect.

Cut the remaining pieces of the package into strips and tie them together. This will be the tail of a snake. Attach it with duct tape to a place that is marked with a red dot on the Photo 7.

Sharps make 4 holes in the places marked by red dots on the 9 picture

Take the basic twine is not less than 6 meters in length and tie it to the first bridle so that it is free to go in between the red dots on the Picture 11
Start up the serpent in the flight - just toss it and pull the rope, as if catching fish. Gradually release the string. Little nurse - so the snake will be easier to fly

Photographer Roman Zakharchenko The site specifically for
. Based on materials wikihow

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