What is the daily menu of Olympic champions

For those who wondered what diet comply with world-famous athletes, the Turkish photographer Umit Bektas photographed athletes and their daily diet. It was found that depending on the goals they eat very differently. We are in the Website and did not expect such a delicious meal of athletes.

Merve Aydin, runner, 3000 kilocalories per day 15,464,842

26-year-old athlete training devotes several hours a day and follows a strict diet with high protein content.

Fatih Avan, javelin, 3500 Kcal per day 70,077,276

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Fatih says: "I can be a great athlete, but if I win an Olympic medal. A good diet is essential to any athlete to increase training effectiveness. »

Nur Tatar, taekwondo, 1500 kilocalories per day 10,541,279

Silver champion of the Olympic Games in London in 2012 before the competition adhered to a low-calorie diet. It was important to lose weight to fit his weight class.

Mete Binay, weightlifting, 3500 kilocalories per day 8,373,847

The athlete never skip breakfast. He uses a lot of red meat each evening drink at least two glasses of milk and does not limit itself to the sweets. Before the competition, he adds to his diet of vitamins and sports nutrition.

Elif Jale Yeşilırmak River, wrestling, 3000 kilocalories per day 61,206,520

Sportswoman drinks about five liters of water per day and replaces the red meat fish, because it considers it more useful.

Bahri Tanrykulu, taekwondo, 3000 kilocalories per day 1,261,418

Three-time world champion and silver Olympic medalist in addition to calorie food makes extensive use of multivitamins and supplements. He also uses a lot of greens and fruits.

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