Heavy work days Mary Kozhevnikova

Heavy work days the people's choice.

Maria Kozhevnikov tells and shows how spending time what her hobbies and work.

"I Yaroslavl) due to the road, managed to sleep a further 4 hours extra))).»

"It was a meeting with representatives of the youth of the city initiative Yaroslavl.Na meeting was attended by a candidate for mayor of the city Yakov and various public organizations. Discussed several interesting proektov.Menya interested in the idea of ​​creating a site-memory veterans, where everyone can share the real story documents their families who participated in the war. »

"Then in the Palace of Youth organized a meeting with the youth of the city, where I was responsible for interest voprosy.Mnogie interested in how to succeed in zhizni.Rasskazala about his life, about how to overcome obstacles.»

"I hit fm radio Yaroslavl»

"That's the way we passed an open lesson of Physical Education)»

"The girls, by the way, is an excellent exercise for the waist)»

"Thank you for such a warm reviews of" Just Married ".I have not seen, as it was on the award" Nika ".»

& Quot; Today ... next Mikhail Serdyuk, and despite the fact that he is from the other party, and helps support the initiative to share the children's broadcasting. & Quot;

"Sat behind the wheel, play music, but my state of mind disturbing question: why the movement in the right lane is much faster than the left?»

"Today, at 11.00, a press conference devoted to the initiative of transferring the beginning of studies in universities at 10.00. This initiative primarily will relieve the subway, because most of the students moved underground transport and, of course, for an extra hour of sleep) »

"Just went to the WWF. Met with interesting ideas and people have met friends, for example, "Reabilitsionny center for disabled children and young people with disabilities" Cherry. " Center accompanies and leads the family raising children with disabilities & quot;

"Their stand.»

"And that I have a party at the end of last year: the story of the Russian folk costumes, which they do with their hands)»

"Social Volunteer Project Kardymovskogo boarding school" School Company "here are the girls doing the soap) Who wants to buy, please!»

"That's great looks Zarochka, happy mom of two sons.»

"Tomorrow at 10.00 at Mantulinskaya5, park Presnya waiting for all willing to help his native city, and a little to relieve it of debris. This is our hometown, so let's, where do we live cleaner! We are waiting for everyone to help in this noble cause) of all who join us are waiting for sporting events, concert program, free legal advice. For guests of the park will work field kitchen! Before the meeting) »

"Who will come? And in gratitude for their help in cleaning our city will add you as a friend) »

"I want to thank everyone who came to the park today" Presnya "and help our city become a little clearer. We had a wonderful time, combining business with pleasure: scavenge in the park for me to try a new kind of environmental transport solowheel)) And orbitwheel))) it is necessary to learn, so long as such a photo). »

"The very first time I saw and tried))))))))»

"It's great that there are young people who are not lying on its side, and is actively involved in the fate of goroda.Iskrenne believe that it would be useful to recover the fine tradition of" Subbotniks "to each casting on the street or in a pond something nasty remembered for same "cultural and smart" recently cleaned! There is a good proverb: Do not spit into the well, have a drink! No need to spit and dirty where we walk with the children, throwing cans and bottles in the ponds where ducks and should be removed, as in any civilized country, faeces after their pets !!! And if we all stick to these simple rules, you will be around cleanliness and order! »

"Yesterday, or rather last night in the library im.Svetlova I participated in the first socio-cultural action called for. "Biblionoch." For everyone opened their doors libraries, museums, art galleries in more than 90 cities in Russia. At the meeting with the residents came famous writers, musicians, actors and artists. »

"The action was invented by the June 2011, to support our Russian culture, literature, and remember that our nation was the reading in mire.Bylo pleased that this idea supported by a large number of people: it's a lot of young people and families with detmi.Bolee hours answering serious and interesting questions) »

"Pass by" MacDonald "... I could not resist ... gorged ... shame ... Now ... That's severity knew well that it would be, but that did not stop me ...)»

"I am in nature! Breathe in ... breathe out ... How good breathe and not choke on the dust and dirt! »

"I will learn from Gosha look to the future with our heads held high)»

"Well, today is the first time in many years took part in the parade dedicated to the 1st of May Day of Solidarity trudyaschihsya.Pogoda was wonderful and mood under stat.Vspomnila as sometime in the late 90s, took part in the demonstrations on 1 maya.Moi childhood memories still keep the festive mood, sun and music) Today was very pleasant to feel positive attitude of people and even get a gift from a stranger) »

"Today, on Poklonnaya Hill started action ... George lentochka.Kazhdy person could write on it the words, thanks to the veterans, congratulations and their pozhelaniya.Iz Moscow this ribbon to go in other Russian cities and in the country SNG.Priyatno that this action support veterans, children of the younger generation. On this field kitchen everyone treated soldier's porridge with meat and enthusiasts of military-patriotic clubs, military vehicles arrived at no accident I had the opportunity to talk with the veterans and one of them told me a story that his question about Who won the battle of Stalingrad, one student told him that amerikantsy.K Unfortunately children do not know the history of our great Pobedy.I it does not even hurt, just scared. »

"Then I went to shoot in Ostankino holiday release" Good Morning ".There was waiting for me my dedushka.On went through the war from the siege of Leningrad, took his first fight in Stalingrad and met victory in Vene.General retired, he is still in service , chairman of the Veterans Northwestern District Moskvy.Gordostyu our family is the grandfather, Valentin. »

"And anyway, who slanders on the Young Guard, expensive, less words and more action. I Maxim Rudnev) »

At the inauguration of the President of Russia Maria Kozhevnikov appeared in a dress from Victoria Beckham

"Congratulations on Victory Day! In the afternoon, when our country and all who fought against fascism throughout the world, have won a long-awaited victory! Our ancestors fought for a happy future of the free world! And we have to prove that we deserve this victory! »

"Along with those who gave us this holiday, our veterans!»

"For me it was a pleasant surprise that the veterans with whom I talked, they know my grandfather, who by the way, was on the other tribune.Zhal that she could not get through to him there and meet.»

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