Heavy work days Mary Kozhevnikova

Heavy work days the people's choice.

Maria Kozhevnikov tells and shows how spending time what her hobbies and work.

"I Yaroslavl) due to the road, managed to sleep a further 4 hours extra))).»

"It was a meeting with representatives of the youth of the city initiative Yaroslavl.Na meeting was attended by a candidate for mayor of the city Yakov and various public organizations. Discussed several interesting proektov.Menya interested in the idea of ​​creating a site-memory veterans, where everyone can share the real story documents their families who participated in the war. »

"Then in the Palace of Youth organized a meeting with the youth of the city, where I was responsible for interest voprosy.Mnogie interested in how to succeed in zhizni.Rasskazala about his life, about how to overcome obstacles.»


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