25 most beautiful Japanese women, whose photos will make your heart beat faster

In this collection assembled actress, model, singer, which is most loved and revered in Japan. It is these women who were born in the 1980s, considered a role model and admired both at home and abroad. < Website We offer our readers the top of Japan's most beautiful girls.

Saya Irie, actress

Photo source: Interesno.ccErika Toda, actress

Reon Kadena, fashion model and actress

Mikie Hara, fashion model and actress Yui

Shinada, fashion model

Yuri Ebihara, fashion model and actress Erina Mano


Eric Savadziri, actress, model and singer

Yu Hasebe, fashion model and actress
< br> Miwa Oshiro, fashion model and actress Satomi Ishihara


Kou Shibasaki, the singer and actress

Natsumi Abe, singer and actress

Rina Uchiyama, actress

Kitagawa Keiko, actress and fashion model

Cana Tsugihara, actress and model

Yui Yoshioka, better known as Yui - Japanese singer

Mayuko Iwasa, actress and fashion model

Yukie Nakama, actress and singer

Aya Ueto, actress and singer

Ayumi Hamasaki, singer

Kuroki Mace, actress, model, singer

Misaki Ito, actress and fashion model

Nozomi Sasaki, fashion model and actress

Kyoko Fukada, actress, fashion model and singer

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