The victims of snake attacks (29 photos)

Tin, to which only incapable of these vile monsters ...

King snake from hunger began eating its own tail.

Possum, who fell from the tree was still alive before meeting with 3, 5-meter python.

And the python got to the farm and entirely swallowed cock.

Mining bigger. As a result of the fight snake survived, but not so on the fox.

Farmers Malaysia caught 5 meter python, which recently swallowed a goat. Seven people over an hour trying to pick up the snake to pull the zoo.

Python, weighing 90 kg, swallowed a pregnant sheep, and lay down on the road to food to digest. Since the animal could not move, do not fire at his own leisure.

Diamond python afternoon. The victim is unknown.

Trainers snakes Ryland Smith and Adrian Walker doing massage python to get stuck in his throat artificial mouse.

And this python Wednesday morning breakfast house cat.

Home cockatoo decided to fly out into the yard, where he was waiting for python. The bird could not be saved.

3-meter python broke through the fence children's center and ate chicken favorite pupils.

X-ray 3-meter python that swallowed a house cat with a strap and bells.

5-foot python that ate a dog a home.

Python, a length of 3, 6 m, which is entirely swallowed electric blankets, along with all the wires and remote control.

4-meter python managed to swallow a 2-meter crocodile. But he was able to enjoy a meal for long: in its death throes crocodile snake ripped in half inside.

And this python swallowed once 4 golf ball.

Python, a length of 4, 3 m swallowed an adult female kangaroo weighing 10 kg.

And this snake is not afraid to eat a poisonous toad Yeah, good luck to her!

Huge python eats kangaroo.

Amethyst python length of about 5 meters swallows a kangaroo with her cub.

Another cockatoo was the victim of amethyst python.

Tree lizard went straight to the tree.

Olive python eat Maltese terrier.

Snake catcher Gordon Canning caught 1, 8-foot python that ate a domestic cat.


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